Badab Campaign Turn 3 Cycle 3

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Past Results

Sacristan was once again a bloody draw, with ruin winning two and the imperials winning two.
Piety was a loss for the imperials, and the element was dropped to 1000 pts
BFG Svngraad insertion was a victory for the garrison
BFG Svngraad ruin vs secessionist battle was a victory for the secessionists
BFG Sacristan was not played and the roll off went to the imperials, pushing the orks back to Bellephron’s Fall

Current Orders

RUIN – Fleet V moves from Bell. Fall to Sacristan
RUIN – Fleet I with Army B moves from Calah to Corcrya but loses 500 points of its element to the warp
RUIN – Army “A” continues the fight on Magog
RUIN – Fleet IV repairs at Bell. Fall and repairs a level
RUIN – Fleet II repairs at Kymra and fixes one level
RUIN – Army “E” engages imperials on Sacristan

Fleet II and IV reorganize
Army “F” claims Optera
Fleet III moves from Optera to kyro
Fleet VI moves to Corcrya
Fleet V patrols Archae
Fleet I attempts insertion of Army “D” onto Svngraad

Fleet II goes on patrol and engages RUIN fleet V
Fleet IV supports Fleet II
Fleet V repairs at Grief
Fleet III patrols at Tranquility
Army “E” moves from Piety to endymion
Fleet I moves to Magog

Current Battles
40k – Battle of Magog – 2k vs 2k RUIN vs Preferably Daemons.  Both have lords of war available
40k – Sacristan – 2k ruin vs 2k imperials with defender bonus.  Ruin has lord of war and special characters.  imperials have special characters.

BFG – planetary insertion on svngraad 2000 points of secessionists vs 2000 points of imperial garrison.  Use the bonuses given in the scenario.  Svngraad has no planetary bonuses in addition to.

BFG – Sacristan – 2k orks vs 1750 imperials

Badab Campaign Turn 3 Cycle 2

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Past Results

Larsa – secessionists take Larsa with a victory
Sacristan – two ruin victories over no imperial victories keep Sacristan in the hands of the Ruin
Rook – neutral victory denies the imperials
Magog – Ruin victory puts them one step closer to owning the demon world
Dark Angels Quest chain – Dark Angels failed to gather intel
BFG Svngraad – secessionists claim victory and the imperial fleet flees to Galen
BFG Belefron’s Fall – Ruin wins via a roll off

Current Orders

Imperials – Army B continues the Sacristan war
Ruin – Fleet IV moves to Sacristan
Secessionists – Fleet III and element F move to Optera

Imperials – Fleet II goes on patrol and engages the ork fleet IV at Sacristan
Ruin – Fleet III moves to Sacristan but is destroyed in warp storms

Turn3Cycle2Secessionists – element “C” moves to Optera

Imperials – Fleet IV supports Fleet II at sacristan
Ruin – element “A” at Magog does battle to claim the world
Secessionists – Fleet IV begins planetary insertion on Svngraad

Imperials – Element “E” on Piety continues its quest chain
Ruin – Element E on Sacristan fights loyalist element “B”
Secessionists – Fleet V patrols Archae

imperials – Fleet V at Galen moves to Grief
Ruin – Fleet II moves to Svngraad but loses 500 points
Secessionists – I patrols svngraad and engages ork fleet II moving in

Imperials – “F” at rook withdraws with fleet I to Bloody Bones
Ruin – Fleet V Repairs at B. Fall
Secessionists – Fleet IV patrols Angstrom

Imperials – III patrols Tranquility
Ruin – “F” moves to Calah
Secessionists – II supports planetary insertion at Svngraad

Current Cycle Battles

40k – Sacristan – imperials vs ruin (2000 pts imperial with special character vs 2000 pts ruin with lord of war and spec character)

40k – Magog – ruin vs neutrals (preferably demonic forces) – 2000 pts ruin with lord of war and special character vs 2000 pts neutral with lord of war

40k – Piety – APOCALYPSE – imperials (no lord of war) vs the restless dead of piety (with tzeentch lord of change gargantuan – city table)

BFG – Sacristan – 2000 pts of ruin vs 1750 pts of imperials

BFG – Svngraad – 2250 pts of secessionists vs 2000 pts garrison fleet.  Svngraad has no planetary bonuses this turn due to no food reaching it in resource phase.

BFG – Svngraad – 2000 pts secessionists vs 1500 pts of ruin


Resource time!  Current score:
Ruin & Secessionists 21 victory points, Imperials with 15
Ruin & Secessionists 105 resource points, Imperials with 75

Past Battles
Angstrom 2-2 draw – secessionists keep Angstrom
Sacristan – 2-1 Ruin – Ruin keeps the planet
Larsa – 1-0 Secessionists – one more game and they own Larsa
BFG battle on Rook – imperial insertion successful
BFG Battle – Bellephrons Fall – imperials vs Ruin – imperial fleet wins and knocks a ruin fleet to Gygnax

Secessionists successfully pulled the Prison Colony of Kyro into their fold, with 4 victory points and 20 resource points added to their total (putting them in the lead)


Turn 3 Orders

Turn 1
Secssionists – move element “A” to angstrom but lose 1000 points of 2000 to warp storms!
Imperials – Fleet 1 moves from sacristan to B. Fall
Ruin – recon the ork world Calah

Turn 2
Secessionists – Army C continues to prosecute Larsa
Imperials – Army B prosecutes Sacristan
Ruin – Fleet V moves from Gygax to B. Fall, loses 500 points and 1500 remain

Turn 3
Secessionists – Army “F” moves to Larsa
Imperials – Element “E” moves to Piety
Ruin – Element “A” prosecutes Magog

Turn 4
Secessionists – Fleet IV and Army D move to Svngraad
Imperials – Fleet V and Army A on Galen move to Svngraad
Ruin – Fleet IV attacks imperial fleet I at B. Fall

Turn 5
Secessionists – Fleet V patrols Archae
Imperials – Fleet IV supports Fleet II on B. Fall
Ruin – Fleet III supports Fleet IV on B. Fall

Turn 6
Secessionists – Fleet VI patrols
Imperials – Element “G” moves to piety but is destroyed in the warp

Turn 7
Secessionists – Fleet 3 patrols Larsa


Current Battles
BFG – Svngraad – 2000 points of imperials vs 2000 points of secessionists (with battleship)
BFG – B. Fall – 2,250 points of imperials vs 2,250 points of ruin (with battleship)

40k – Rook – 2000 points with lord of war of demonically possessed colonists vs 1500 points of loyalists with 100 pts of fortifications.

40k – 2000 points of secessionists vs 500 pts of garrison on Larsa (fighting the scenario needing 500 points to win the game on Larsa)

40k – Sacristan – 2000 points of imperials with special characters vs 2000 points of ruin with lord of war and special characters

40k – MAGOG – APOCALYPSE BATTLE!!!!  Ruin vs Demonic Host!!

40k – Dark Angels quest chain – Hunting the Fallen!
1500 points – random game length – must be played between a Dark Angels player and a secessionist player.

Secessionist player – each unit champion is an objective.  Killing the unit champion earns the dark angels player a point.  Keeping it alive by the end of the game earns the secessionist a point.

If the secessionist warlord is defeated in assault phase it is worth 5 points.  If the secessionist warlord is killed via shooting it is worth 1 point to the dark angels.  If the secessionist warlord survives, it is worth 5 points to the secessionist player.

Secondary objectives:  None.  The dark angels are here to capture the enemy warlord and kill his officers.


Last week I wrote a little forum post that turned into an article asking “what makes 7th edition 40k LESS COMPETITIVE than 5th edition 40k”.  The answers that were posted back and the conversation that followed highlighted a very important piece of information that probably should have been resolved first.  The definition “competitive gaming” had many different definitions to many different people; no wonder there is such heated discussion on the topic!

I don’t think that this article is going to be the ultimate definition of what Competitive Gaming is, but I am going to give my opinion on what Competitive Gaming is and will also touch on why I feel that Warhammer 40,000 has NEVER been a competitive game in any of its editions.

To the first topic, Competitive Gaming is to me a game played between people where the skillset of the players are compared against and the player with the most skill should come out on top.  This can be in anything, be it sports like football, soccer, or games like chess.

Competitive Gaming should primarily be resolved based on the skill of the player(s) involved and should be against players of roughly equal caliber.

For example, the game of football can be played by anyone.  However, there is a large difference between a high school foot ball team, a college football team, and a professional football team.  We expect that these teams be matched up against people in their same class or caliber.

Fighting sports such as boxing or mixed martial arts, or even wrestling, pair people up in weight classes, because there is nothing LESS competitive than setting a heavy weight fighter up against a 130 lb fighter.

Competitive players also have to deal with random elements in the form of weather, sporting venues, and things of that nature.  Not only must they deal with them, they must overcome them.

Competitive Gaming ultimately seeks to determine who is the better overall player.

Why I feel 40k has never been a competitive game has nothing to do with its core rules.  The things many people who claim to be competitive talk about hating, I don’t see as making any more or less “competitive”.  Random charges, random powers, etc don’t make a game less competitive, they enforce a different set of skills and tactics that must be employed.

However, the lack of game balance between factions DOES make a game less competitive, and Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy have never had any real balance in any of the editions, which is to me why neither game is competitive nor has it ever been.

When competing in warhammer, players will actively seek to have their army list do as much of the heavy lifting as possible.  In sports terms, it is the same as being handed a professional football team, being able to freely obtain all of the super star players in the league, and then also be given the caveat that one can play teams at the high school or college level, and if the weather is not preferable one has the power to change the weather so that conditions are always perfect.

As a fighter, it would be like getting to be the heavy weight fighter and taking on opponents in weight classes far below the one assigned.

None of these scenarios to me is competitive.  I’d even go so far as to say that actively engaging in these types of contests is NON-COMPETITIVE because the skill of the player is secondary to how well the deck can be stacked.  While that may be fine in a deck game like Magic: The Gathering – in a game of war where one expects tactics and strategies to be tested this falls very very short.

To me – for 40k to be truly a competitive game, the balance in all of the factions needs seriously overhauled.  Barring that, a solid comp system needs put in place to put more builds in viable standings.

Second, for 40k to be truly a competitive game, tournaments should deviate from every table being the same and having the same scraps of terrain on them.  This enforces certain build types.  A truly good player should be tested on different types of boards, with different types of terrain and cover available.  Start showcasing tournaments where some tables are like city scapes where line of sight is not freely given to every model on the table, and you’ll start to see lists shifting to accommodate the fact that you won’t always get to play on planet bowling ball and do nothing but shoot.

Third – for 40k to truly be a competitive game, the designers need to lessen or eliminate the ROCK/PAPER/SCISSORS aspect of the game.  This has always existed, from the time I started playing in third edition, to today.

My two primary tournament 40k armies were starcannon spam eldar and leafblower Imperial Guard.

A little history:  my first army was Dark Angels.  After three months of playing the game I played in my first tournament and got curb stomped bad.  The winner of that event was a star cannon spam eldar player, who said something to me to this very day that I will never forget, even nearly twenty years later.  He said “eldar are a tough army to play properly and only veteran players can really get a hang of it”.

I didn’t understand that, since he tabled me in three turns by rolling a lot of dice with weapons I got no save against.  So I built the same army.  The next tournament I attended, about six months into the hobby, I won my first tournament by tabling two blood angels players and a space wolf player.

That really summarizes competitive 40k to me.  I am not a great player.  When you kick my crutches out from under me, I win as much as I lose, and I certainly would never have been able to win a tournament without a list that took advantage of no cover, and a meta which was dominated by blood angels players with a smattering of space wolf players.

That next year and a half I played in over one hundred competitive games.  I lost twice:  once to an ork player and once to a tyranid player.  I mistakingly thought that I was a great 40k player because my lists were busted and few played my hard counter (a hoard army).

The thing was, I was the 270 lb heavy weight fighter fighting 125 lb high school kids.  I was the New England Patriots playing football games against Springfield High.  There was nothing competitive about it.  When I tried playing lists that did not exploit whatever was broken at the time, I didn’t do nearly as well.  That to me again speaks volumes about competitive 40k.

It never has been competitive while the army rules are as imbalanced as they have always been and sadly has never really been a test of player skill or strategy so much as it has been a test with how good one is with rudimentary math and effective spreadsheet skills.

Badab Campaign Turn 2 Cycle 4

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Past Turn Results

BFG Rook battle – Imperials win 1-0
BFG Sacristan Battle 1 – Imperials win 1-0
BFG Sacristan Battle 2 – Imperials win 1-0

Larsa 40k – 1-1 draw – secessionists continue their attack
Angstrom – 1-0 victory for secessionists who flip the planet
Magog – 1-2 neutral victory, RUIN loses a level of effectiveness

Current Orders
Ruin withdraws sacristan fleets to Bellerophons Fall
Secessionist Pask does not die from his injuries on Larsa

Secessionist Orders
Continue fighting on Larsa
Element “A” takes Corcrya from Imperials
Fleet II moves from Badab to Svngraad but loses 1000 pts to the warp
Fleet V patrols Archae
Army “D” defends Angstrom
Fleet IV bombards Angstrom

Imperial Orders
Fleet IV moves from Sacristan to Bellerophons Fall
Fleet II inserts attacking army “B” into sacristan via planetstrike
Fleet III moves from sacristan to tranquility but loses 500 pts of 1000 to the warp
Army “A” attacks Angstrom
Fleet I planetstrikes Rook with element “F”

Ruin Orders
Fleet 1 moves from Magog to Calah
Fleet V goes on patrol to engage imperial fleet IV
Fleet II defends Kymra
Element “A” attacks Magog again
Element “F” supports element “A”

Battles to Be Fought

BFG 19 – Imperial Fleet V vs Ruin Fleet IV on Bellerophons Fall
BFG 20 – IMperial Fleet I planet insertion on Rook (2000 pts vs 1500 Rook plus any planetary bonuses)

40k 21 – Seccessionist battle on Larsa Seccessionists 2000 pts with Cypher, Pask, Fabius Bile, Fateweaver vs 1000 pts of garrison with 100 pts of fortifications.  Garrison must slay 1000 pts of Secessionists to win.

40k 22 – Imperial planetstrike on Sacristan – Imperials 2000 pts with special character support vs Ruin 2000 pts (no lord of war or special characters)

40k 23 – 2000 pts of Daemonic horde on Magog with lord of war vs 2250 pts of Ruin (holds Death Leper character)

40k 24 – BATTLE FOR ANGSTROM – zone mortalis conflict in the command citadel – 1000 pts of imperials vs 1000 pts of secessionists with special character support.  Mission is an ASSAULT MISSION (refer to Zone Mortalis document which contains misison) – each side gets 3 strategem points to spend before the mission starts in the strategem portion.

Badab Campaign Turn 2 Cycle 3

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Previous Turn Results

The Battle for Gygnax – Ruin wins 1-0 and opens a portal to Magog
The Battle for Piety – apoc battle – the demon on piety is victorious, slamming the imperial element from “D” to “B” class
The Battle for Angstrom – three imperial victories drop the garrison to a “B” and the defense score to a 1
The Battle for Sacristan – the front lines cave in for the imperials, with the ruinous forces destroying Imperial Element “E”

BFG Angstrom planetary insertion went to the secessionists who successfully inserted ground forces on Angstrom
BFG Sacristan – Ruin forces successfully drive back the imperial fleet to Tranquility
BFG Larsa – Secessionist forces successfully insert forces onto Larsa


Current Turn Orders

Imperial forces discovered the frontier world of Rook was overtaken by demonic forces.  The loyal citizens are now twisted demons.  Rook’s fleet and ground forces will always attack.

Ruin forces discovered the demonic world of Magog.  It too will always attack.  Ruin had a chance to sway the forces of Magog to their side since they were using a demonic gate to gain egress, but this was failed and thus the forces on Magog will square off against the Ruin forces.

Turn 1
Secessionists – Army “D” attacks on Angstrom
Imperials – Fleet II moves from Grief to Sacristan
Ruin – Fleet IV goes on patrol and engages Fleet II coming in on sacristan

Turn 2
Secessionists – Army “A” moves from Angstrom to Corcrya, but loses 500 points to the warp
Imperials – Fleet III moves from Grief to Sacristan but loses 500 points to the warp
Ruin – Fleet V patrols and engages imperial fleet III

Turn 3
Secessionists – Army “C” attacks Larsa’s Garrison
Imperials – Fleet IV moves o Sacristan from Tranquility
Ruin – Fleet III Supports fleet IV

Turn 4
Secessionists – Fleet II repairs at Badab
Imperials – Army “A” withdraws which means Secessionists will fight Angstrom Garrison
Ruin – Fleet I moves from Phargos to Magog

Turn 5
Secessionists – Fleet I patrols and blockades Svngraad
Imperials – Army “D” transits from Piety to Tranquility
Ruin – “F” takes the portal to Magog


Current Cycle Battles

BFG 16 – Rook Garrison fleet 2000 pts with battleship vs Imperial fleet 2000 pts with battleship
BFG 17 – Sacristan Ruin fleet IV with support from Fleet III 1750 points vs Imperial Fleet II 2000 pts
BFG 18 – Sacristan Ruin fleet V 2000 pts with battleship vs Imperial Fleet III 1000 pts

40k 18 – 2000 pts of Daemonic horde on Magog with lord of war vs 2000 pts of Ruin (holds Death Leper character)
40k 19 – Seccessionists 2000 pts with Cypher, Pask, Fabius Bile, Fateweaver vs 1000 pts of garrison with 100 pts of fortifications.  Garrison must slay 1000 pts of Secessionists to win.
40k 20 – Angstrom garrison 1000 pts with 400 pts of garrison engages 2000 pts of secessionists with Huron, Abbadon, Explorator Ikarus, Kharn and a lord of war.  Garrison must slay 1000 pts of secessionists to win.

Note for battles 19 & 20 – the defender always goes first


Badab Campaign Turn 2 Cycle 2

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Past Cycle Results

Sacristan Battle – 3 games scheduled – 1 game played – Ruin 1-0 (Ruin flips Sacristan and destroys whats left of the garrison)

Angstrom – 3 games played  – Garrison wins 2 games to 1.  Loyalist army falls back a level to D (2000 pts with LOW)

Gygax – 1 game played – garrison wins 1 game to 0.  Ruin army falls back to level C (1500 pts)

Phargos – game given by default to Ruin – gate to Magos opened

Shield Generator Sacristan killteam – 1 game played – 1 game to garrison

BFG Sacristan battle Ruin vs Imperials – rolled for -Ruin wins.  Loyalist fleet IV falls back to Grief.

BFG Svngraad battle – 1 game played – secessionist victory – loyalist fleet falls back to Galen

BFG Cataract battle ruin vs neutral garrison – 1 game played – garrison victory, Ruin fleet down to 1000 and falls back to Phargos Hex


Current Cycle Orders
Turn 1
Imperials – Fleet IV engages enemy Ruin fleet on Sacristan (BFG battle Ruin 1500 pts vs Loyalists 1500 pts)
Ruin – Element A on Phargos takes Magos gate to the Magos world
Secessionists – Army A travels to Angstrom on its own with no fleet from Badab

Turn 2
Imperials – Army E (500 pts) engages Army E for Ruin (2000 pts) on Sacristan
Ruin – Fleet III supports Fleet IV (1750 pts Ruin vs 1500 pts Loyalists)
Secessionists – Fleet III @ Larsa begins planetary insertion mission against garrison fleet (BFG battle)

Turn 3
Imperials – Army A with the NorCal 4th attacks Angstrom’s garrison again
Ruin – Fleet III drops Army C on Kymra
Secessionists – Fleet IV begins planetary insertion mission on Angstrom

Turn 4
Imperials – Begin Army D on Piety to finish quest chain
Ruin – Army F tries again on Gygax
Secessionists – Fleet II repairs on Badab, repairs 500 of 1000 points of damage and is up to 1500 points

Turn 5
Imperals – Fleet I scouts Rook
Ruin – Fleet 1 repairs at Phargos to full strength (1500 pts)
Secessionists – Fleet V patrols Archae

Turn 6
Imperials – fleet II on Grief repairs to full strength (2000 pts)
Ruin – loads up Army “D” to Fleet V (500 pt army element)
Secessionists – Patrol Svngraad with fleet I

turn 7
Imperials – Fleet III moves from Galen to Grief


Current Battles
BFG 13 – 1500 pts of Loyalists with no battleship vs 1750 points of Ruin with battleship on Sacristan
BFG 14 – 2000 pts of Secessionists planetary insertion Larsa 1000 pts garrison fleet, a space station, and 150 pts of system defenses
BFG 15 – 2000 pts of Secessionists with battleship planetary insertion Angstrom 1500 pts garrison fleet with a space station and 150 points of extra system defenses added

40k 14 – Battle on Sacristan- 500 pts of Loyalists vs 2000 pts of Ruin (loyalists must kill 500 points to win)
40k 15 – Battle on Angstrom (city table) – 2000 pts of Loyalists with LOW vs 1500 points of garrison with 400 points of defenses/fortifications
40k 16 – Battle on Piety – APOCALYPSE battle loyalists vs garrison.  loyalists have no lord of war.  Garrison is made up of tzeentch lord of war greater demon as its lord of war plus troops.

Use:  Divine Intervention, finest hour, undead / zombie natural disaster!
40k 17 – Gygax – APOCALYPSE – Ruin vs neutral

Use:  Divine intervention, finest hour, warpstorm natural disaster

Policy Changes
Games not played that were scheduled count as forfeits

Games that were scheduled but then caught not played because side had already locked down a planet will result in the system being auto flipped.

Starting in March – players with more wins than losses can only challenge like record players barring special permission.  Players with losing records may still challenge players with winning records, just not vice-versa.