The Forging of the Hellcannon – Part I

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Wargaming

The front of the Hellcannon

Ah yes… the glorious Hellcannon.  I once possessed one of these models back when they were first released for the Storm of Chaos campaign back in 6th edition.  I foolishly traded the box for some skaven (that sit in a room in their boxes, never to be used).

So with our Fantasy Campaign about to start this summer, I decided to once again dust off my chaos army and go with some things that I have never gone with before.

First off… I’m going Slaaneshi heavy.  Something that I definitely never have done before, as I have been a loyal follower of the Blood God for many many years.  However, it is time for a change of pace and color scheme, so I ordered some Reaper figs that meet my expectations and snagged the Sigvald model from GW.  More on those later.

The model that I really wanted (other than to mod a chaos warshrine) was that old Hellcannon I got rid of years ago.  So off I went and ordered one and it arrived shortly after, and excited I was.

Until I realized a few things were missing.  For one, the model was shipped in a plain white box.  (minor annoyance… I had the army books so I can see how they have it put together and painted), and second it had no instructions on how to put it together.

The Hellcannon, ladies and gentlemen, is not the most pleasant of models to put together.  In fact I would have to daresay in my thirteen or so years of playing Warhammer… it was the most annoying ever.

The biggest peeve is that the two halves of the barrel do not align correctly.  They both bend outward a tad.  I googled this, and found it to be a common occurrence.  I tried to hammer it back into shape but that just made the barrel flatter.  So I gave it up and glued it together as best as I could, trying to keep the front as aligned as possible and knowing I will have to green stuff the shit out of the back.

Note the crack running the rear of the cannon.  The crack is very bad on the underside, but no one will see the underside so I can get away with that.  I will have to green stuff this crack when everything is dry.

For the base, I went out to a craft store and bought a piece of 4″ wide plywood.  I cut off a square that would fit the base (4″x4″… it’s basically a movement tray) and then went ahead and put sand and ballast on to it and on the chaos dwarf crewmembers.  When the models are nice and try tomorrow I plan on getting the green stuff sculpted into any gaps and I will attempt to sculpt some detail into them so they don’t look like wads of green stuff stuffed into gaps.

Afterward I will have it primed and ready to go.  The bases are nice and textured now and I have some ideas for color schemes.  I will probably start with the crew first and get them finished up.  I have my miniatures camera working again but I need to find a USB cable that fits it.  The photos above are from my IPhone which doesn’t capture a lot of detail.

Hopefully the effort will pay off when I field the thing.


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