My Delving into XNA – Part II

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Game Programming and Design

So I’ve been playing around with XNA for a couple weeks now.  Unfortunately the book I had, while awesome, dealt with XNA 3.0 and was a bit dated.  The shaders that it used were not correct with 4.0 and I was having a bitch of a time getting things to work, so I had to bite it and snag a 4.0 book.

The book I am using now is Learning XNA 4.0 by Aaron Reed and published by O’Reilly.  So far it is pretty clear and quite awesome as well.  Between this one and the XNA Game Studio Creator’s Guide that I was using I feel I can get a good grasp of at least 2D game programming with XNA fairly soonish.

I have a couple of ideas that I am kicking around.  I will hopefully be starting on my Wargame soon.  I have had that in my brain for years.  I’m also considering doing an old school D&D arcade game like Golden Axe or something similar, only with a more detailed story line and decision tree.  Yes I know I’m probably getting ahead of myself but I love those old scrollers and new games don’t capture the magic of yesteryear.

So tonight I animated some sprites and have them spinning and receiving user input from the keypad, mouse, and gamepad.  I also have some collision detection in.

It’s fairly simple to do actually.  Having programmed in Direct 3D before, using XNA is about 3x faster just in generating the proper code, which is a plus.  I’m kind of dreading the 3D learning curve but also am excited about it.

My first piece of the wargame will be getting some specs written up and creating the various DLLs and EXE files needed, and then loading a simple texture and putting down a guy and having him be able to move around the screen.  The rotation of sprites can be a bitch as you have to use trig to get it to work properly but I already have the calculations done and will just reuse the formulas in worker classes that I have already created.

The hardest part I think for me won’t be in the complex math formulas… it will be in getting good images in.  I may have to get a scanner and hand draw my images and scan them in and color them in Photoshop. 

My excitement level at this point however is at max. 


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