The Wizard Tower is finished

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Wargaming

So after a couple of weeks of painting, the wizard’s tower is finished.  I really need to get a mini tripod for my camera, some of the pictures didn’t come out as well as I wanted, but here it is in all of its glory.

Up next I have to convert me up a battle standard bearer for my slaaneshi army, get the chaos warshrine converted and ready to go, and get my wizard ready to go.  That doesn’t count any of the Storm of Magic stuff that I have coming which will need to be done as well.

First fantasy battle for the campaign is only in a few weeks!

The full tower next to the campaign tiles

The technique I used on this was 95% drybrushing.  It was a simple matter of priming everything black (I ended up using almost an entire can of paint on this thing) and then drybrushing three layers of grey (progressively lighter shades) to get the stone effect.  I was pleased with the stone.

The model itself was pretty easy to put together.  The floors didn’t fit all the way but that was probably more my error than the model itself, though the walls were not molded to fit right (the stones were too big and you had to jam them in)

The top of the tower

The most time consuming part was actually the cap of the tower.  I stuck with one shade of grey here (very light) to give it a more white appearance over the rest of the tower.  During the 4th of July party we had, I got the colors and tip top done, with the idea to make some different colors outline the metal surrounding the skull (orange, yellow, magenta, and blue).  It’s a wizard’s tower… why not?

Close up of the top cap

I’m glad to have my macro lens working again.  Here is a close up of the top of the tower.  The walls I actually did block by block painting instead of dry brushing.  Most of this was a wet-brush trying to smooth it out and get the brush lines out.  The wood for the trap doors and the metal were dry brushed.  The bronze to gold effect of the icons was also dry brushed.

Blurry image of the front door

I am kind of disappointed with this picture, but you can see the front door here.  The stones were drybrushed around it, but the bronze arch was wet brushed, as were the green dragons.  The candles on the skulls to the left (blurred) were simple detail brush using bright red after laying down a white dry brush to bring out the red better.

Macro zoom of middle level

The tower is designed to come apart into four pieces (levels) allowing your games to show the wizards and soldiers rummaging about per level if you wish.  I thought that was pretty cool, and did some detail work inside.  Out here you can see the second and third floor zoomed in.  As it is a wizard’s tower, I did not want to use conventional colors for my tiling over windows, etc… (the roadside inn that I painted has bright red tile).  I decided to go with purple.

One of the ledges from whence a sorcerer can hurl his might

Interior shot of the 3rd floor

The zoomed pictures aren’t the greatest and I apologize.  I will be looking at using a small tripod for battle reports.  Hopefully this tower will come into play.  Looking forward to finishing up my characters and getting to hacking!

  1. Very nice! Saw the pics on my tag surf and had to stop by.

    Excuse my ignorance but what is it made out of? It’s not lead, is it? I’ve been away from gaming for about 20 years and not really current as to what all is going on these days.

    Is it just a show-piece or for gaming? Was always more of an RPG guy, back in the day but I’m guessing you’re a Warhammer wargamer?

    • baelknight says:

      Greetings and thank you. I am actually an RPG player AND a wargamer. My D&D site is though I admit I have not updated in a while as my group largely ignored it.

      The tower is a Games-Workshop piece made of plastic. It was multi part so you had to glue it up. I will use it for gaming definitely. I actually look forward to seeing it on the table in action!

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