New Chaos Sorcerer Painted and Ready

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Wargaming

The Storm of Magic was released today and I was annoyed to find out that my order at GW did not go through.  So I picked up the phone and called Rick at Pet Shop and asked him if they had gotten any of the stuff in.  Turns out they got it all in.  So I snagged the new book, a piece of terrain, a flying chaos lord on a manticore (and oh does he come with a lot of bitz that I am going to magnetize) and then there was the new chaos sorcerer.  I resisted at first but thought he was too damn cool to pass up on.Putting him together was rather easy.  Here is he unprimed:

Assembled and unprimed

The only thing that sucked about the item was that the hilt of the sword was broken off, so I had to glue that back in place.  Once finished I had to come up with a cool color scheme that would do it justice.  The normal colors of my chaos army are black and gold.  The slaaneshi force I am assembling used more pastel style or bright colors, but in the end I decided he would have dark purple robes, and dark metal and gold armor.  For his flesh, I wanted to stick with the box art and give it a purple/grey look to it.  With that being done, I went ahead and primed the model all black.

Primed and ready

This really has turned out to be one of my favorite models.  Not just because it’s new… but because it looks so awesome.  The sculpt is pretty amazing and while the pose is pretty static barring some conversion working with putty, it’s still very cool.  Props on the scenic base it comes with too.

The purples are down

I used Liche Purple, one of my favorite purples due to the fact it spreads fairly easy and is a nice dark color, and applied it to the robes and to the sorcerer’s face and horns.  The trick would be to blend a lighter mix of purple over the face and horns (blending to white) as well as applying the lighter shades of purple to the folds in the robe.

After this was done I went ahead and drybrushed boltgun metal onto his armor, and then followed that up with a nice bronzing of the trim and staff pieces as well as the eye symbol hanging off of his belt.

Applying the metal

Once this step has been done, most of the base colors have been laid down, minus the base itself which will just be three shades of grey to form rock, and any detail work.

I started with the face and robe, mixing white into my purple in a palette and progressively drybrushing this layer onto the face.  The face all told had five layers applied to it, ending with a very very light dusting of white.  The robe I applied two layers of lighter purple at the folds to bring out the dimension.

With that finished I went ahead and added a white trim to the bottom of his robe as well as adding a piece coming up with an angled shape.  I then proceeded to draw golden runes on the cloth.  It didn’t turn out quite the way I had wanted, but that is a technique I still struggle with.  I think that ultimately the gold was a bad color on the purple, and that I needed to thin down the line a little.

With that done I moved on to the armor and applied a light dry brush of gold over the bronze to bring out the color.  I cleaned up some lines and then hit the staff, going over the eye with a dark blue and then using an ice blue and finally a white layer to give it some magical presence.  I layered some blue lines and faded them up to white to give the appearance of magical energy coruscating about the staff.  To finish I made sure to gloss the eye so that it appeared nice and shiny.

The last bits were to blend the horns to white and add yellow eyes to the model before finishing off with the base.

All told it took me about two hours from start to finish.

Finished Sorcerer

He is now ready to maul people in our campaign.

Posing in front of the tower


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