New Army Standard Bearer

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Uncategorized


The Icon of The Lion of Slaanesh

The next character that I wanted to get done was the army standard bearer… an important piece.  I dug around my bits boxes to come up with some good items and in the end settled on the following pieces to make him:

Chaos Warrior Body (plastic) from Chaos Warrior box.  I used the champion torso with the icon of chaos slung over his back.

His right hand is the standard bearer pole from that box set.

His left hand is the flail hand from the new Manticore / Chaos lord box set.  I filed the thumb off and rotated it so that it appeared to be a left hand.

His head is one of the heads from the new Manticore / Chaos lord box sets.  I glued a marauder hair piece on top of his bald head to give him a top knot.

Finally I used a spare bit from the Citadel Wizard Tower to act as the standard, and glued on a slaaneshi icon that I had laying around from a 40k tank sprue.

The Army Standard Bearer

I wanted him to stand out a little bit from the normal warriors.  In the background story that I put up, the army standard is a captured slave that the Lion took from a battle with a rival warband of Khorne.  He had a bald head, and the chaos lord head with the ruined eye worked perfectly.

For colors I wanted some bright colors, and so I chose the dreaded white armor path.  Doing up white armor is always difficult but this is a character model… and as such I felt I would happily spend the extra time required to make it look good.

I trimmed the white armor with gold and did up his chain mail in silver.  The boots were a simple Scorched Brown with a Brown Ink glaze over top of it.  The gloves he is wearing were lightly drybrushed with Codex Grey.

The face is a blend up of brown to dwarf flesh to elf flesh to white.  I did the blasted eye in blue to contrast it with a color that was not a part of the regular template.

The cape I decided to go with a red fur and keep the cloth black with some grey highlights.

I did the weapon with gold chains and silver spiked balls.

The standard actually came about by accident.  I splashed a little bit of warlock purple on it and decided I liked the color, so went with it.

To top it off I gave him blonde hair which was simply whitened and then a yellow was applied, and finally a yellow glaze finished it off.

After all was said and done I went ahead and gloss varnished his armor and weapons and cloak and standard.


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