The Rise of the Lion – Chaos Lord on Manticore Model

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Wargaming

When I saw the new manticore and chaos lord model from Games-Workshop, I was instantly drawn to it.  The model itself looks awesome and in addition, it never hurts to add a little flying support to my army to help get to the rear ranks of the enemy.

Even better, the model comes with not one but two chaos lords.  They both look awesome!  For my paint job, I was going to focus on the fighting variant as I was going to field a chaos-lord in my campaign army.

The manticore came first.  I glued it up and then added a piece of metal from the chaos 40k vehicle sprue, and an elf from the Lord of the Rings range onto the base.

The manticore in action

I wanted the main portion of the manticore body to be like a lion.  Tawny brown coat.  Bone / white teeth and horns / claws.  For the scorpion tail I wanted to blend a dark violet in as well as the dragon wings.   Last I wanted the manticore to have a red mane and fur.  The contrast I felt would look good.

To start, I gave the model a black undercoat and then went over most of the manticore with Scorched Brown.  I would use this as my primary undercolor for shade.  After this, I went over a drybrush blend of Graveyard Earth, which gave the final gold brown color.  I drybrushed a little bit of Bleached bone to highlight the creases.

The red mane of the manticore I undercoated with foundation red and then went over that with Blood Red and finally a very light dusting of White to highlight the edges.

The tail and wings were basically done with the same style of painting.  I blended Liche Purple into the tail and then made the stinger spikes black.  The wings I Liche Purpled along the creases and kept the wing membrane black.  The claws on the wings I hit with bone white and then highlighted with white, and then gave a nice mud wash to get into the creases and add some dimension to.

The chaos lord riding atop him represented “The Lion”, my campaign general.  “The Lion” was a Slaaneshi lord modeled after Sigvald.  As such he had gold armor, trimmed in silver and red.  I gave him sword and shield.  The cape of chains was a bit of an annoyance to glue together but I managed to make it passable.  I wanted to give him a roman styled crest on his helm, so I snagged a 40k eldar model with a crest and cut it off to convert the helm.  It came out fairly well.

I did a solid bronze undercoat to the armor, went over that with chestnut ink, and then drybrushed gold over it.  I trimmed him up in silver and red and then gave him a purple plume.

The blade I left black and did a lightning design over.  The shield was simply gold and silver.  In the end, it took me about three hours on the manticore and the lord another two.  He ended up looking fairly well and after flocking and grassing the base, he was ready for his first battle.

  1. Mike says:

    Very nice job. I have a the same model and I wanted to give the manitcore the same sort of look. Lucky to have found your blog.

  2. with the new paints, scorched brown n graveyard earth are converted to rhinox hide and steel legion drab – which look nothing like what you’ve done and i just bought them -_-.

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