The Construction of the Warshrine

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Wargaming

One of the models in my army is called a Warshrine.  It is basically a mobile platform giving homage to the Chaos-Gods.  The thing is, there is no real model for it, so you have to come up with one on your own.  And so I did!

I envisioned my warshrine as a platform being pulled by a big gribbly troll by chains, and with slaaneshi pleasure slaves dancing about it.  So I set out to find the pieces I would need:

Recipe for Baelknight’s Chaos Warshrine:

1 part Beastlord Chariot (the body, cut the yoke in half)
1 part Lord of the Rings Troll Chieftain
1 jeweler’s chain
3 Zombie Strippers
1 Marauder standard
1 part of soul

Model glued up


Model glued up minus the chain


The above pictures show the model glued up minus the jeweler chain.  I took the chain and tied it to the yoke and then wrapped it around his left hand to give it the appearance that he was dragging the thing around.  My initial idea was to put something in the chariot body but for right now it is empty… awaiting a glorious trophy.

After defeating the Raven of Change in a campaign game I did affix a demon prince head to a new banner, I just have to paint it and glue it to the model.  I have not fielded my shrine since then though.

Picture of the Troll and a zombie stripper

I painted the troll pretty standard.  I gave him grey flesh, did up his armor in boltgun metal and highlighted with silver, did some detail work on his mouth, and that was about it.  He was pretty simple to paint.  The zombie strippers were also fairly easy to paint.  Flesh with flesh wash, and then I did up their clothing and pasties.  The warshrine has four wounds, and I have three zombie strippers, so I use them as wound counters.

One of my chaos sorceresses. Has nothing to do with the warshrine but she got done in the latest batch

Above is an image of one of my sorceresses I just finished.  She has nothing to do with the warshrine but I thought I’d show it off anyway.  My chaos army for the campaign is Slaaneshi, which is pretty much the chaos god of Hedonism and Debauchery.  As such, I use a lot of lewd figures and poses.

Front of the shrine, the Troll

Here you can see the troll pulling the shrine.  The jeweler’s chain around his hand I painted a  nice bronze to contrast with his metal / silver armor as well as to contrast with the reddish paint job I gave the chariot body.

Side view

Side view of the shrine showing off the banner.  The three zombie strippers dance around it, waiting for their next victim…


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