40k Campaign Ideas Begin – The Bastille System

Posted: September 16, 2011 in 40k

Starmap Showing Holy Terra and Bastille

The Bastille System will be the setting for 2012’s 40k campaign.  Shown above on Imperial Starmaps, the Bastille system is an out of the way Shrine-World dedicated to the worship of various Imperial saints and to the Emperor himself.

The Bastille system is a fictional system created and placed for the purpose of the campaign.  The campaign focuses on a massive war that finds itself on the planet’s surface as forces of the Imperium led by the Ultramarines fight to retake the world and secure a powerful xenos artefact locked deep within a bunkered vault.

The campaign will stretch six months, from January to June, and will be a narrative campaign with many missions that will be fought, each affecting the next.  Battlefleet Gothic will also be utilized to control the system via spacecraft and will count for 50% of the overall campaign score.

The Bastille System is a small system of four planets that circle a white sun.  Batille Prime is the innermost planet, and is the only habitable planet in the system.  It is nearly ten times the mass of Terra and is considered a “Super Earth”.  The oceans of Bastille Prime are grey in hue due to the amount of grey rock both under the water and above, as well as the atmospheric breakdown of its sun’s light frequencies.

Bastille Prime has many shrine-cities that dot its landscape, and is able to support its Imperial population with food and water from the system.

Sector Gallens, named after the Imperial Saint Gallens Ponce Deleiuex, is home to a rotating chapter of space marines which garrison a heavily fortified vault.  The remainder of the planet is secured by members of the Bastille 100th Army and the 502nd Army.

Two stations orbit the star as well.  Station Octavius, and Station Myrmidon are twins.  Both have extensive dockyards which enable ships coming in and out of system to repair and refit, and both monitor the system for signs of xenos.

Herevico is the second planet of the system, named by the indigenous population before the Imperials arrived.  It is a large gas giant, ringed, and with seventeen moons.  The third planet, Jaes, is also a large gas giant with fourteen moons.  The final planet in the system is a lava world called Sorba.  All are inhospitable and no current effort has been made to colonize or mine the moons or planets.

As the countdown to the campaign begins, there will be narrative updates on this site as well as the launching of the website that will keep track of standings.  Several modeling projects are in the works, to include a city sector for Gallens.

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