Bastille Prime

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Bastille Prime

++SUBJECT: Bastille System++
++ARCHIVE: Ecclestiasteses IV Scribe Tenner++
++Ecclesiastic Thought of the Day:  Nobody is Innocent, there are merely varying levels of guilt++
Bastille Prime is the first of four worlds orbiting the Bastille Star system, and is the only planet capable of habitation.  At present there are no plans to colonize or mine the other three planets in the system.
The Bastille System has been dubbed a Shrine System by the Holy Lords of Terra and is the final resting place for several of the Imperium’s most honored saints (see archive reference #019A733UIL.C9# for detailed list of saints interred and their location on the planet).
The largest sector on the planet is named Gallens and is home to the planet’s largest and most devote shrines to The Emperor.  It is defended by the 502nd Bastille Army and is garrisoned also by the Emperor’s Space Marines, whose duty is to maintain the sanctity of the holy shrines.
Sector Gallens’ Space Marine garrison is charged with the defense of several xenos artefacts locked deep within vaults behind their fortress monastery.  Upon invasion they are charged with Defense Protocol Titan, wherein Sector Gallens is sealed off completely from the outside.
The Space Marine force is limited to fifty and three battle brothers who serve a five year duty before rotating out with another chapter.  That force is usually composed of three full tactical units, an assault unit, and a devastator unit led by a librarian, chaplain, and battle-captain.
The Gallens sector facilities one of two spaceports that exist on the planet.  The world itself is defended by two orbital platforms, Octavius and Myrmidon, which offer shipyards for refitting and repair as well as monitoring the system for any outside threats.  Large nova-defense cannons can be deployed on the surface of Gallens to deter direct landings at the space port from unauthorized craft.
As of 795728.M41, a second set of defense cannons was being built at the spaceport of Roxarious and are scheduled to be completed before 000732.M41.
The world had a population of 14.32 billion people as of 000729.M41.  The planet prohibits most industrial activity save for a few large scale manufactorums which supply the Imperial Guard regiments with ammunition, fuel, and equipment.  As such, the environment is relatively in good shape.  The water is clean and enough food can be grown on the world to supply the people who call the planet home.
Most of the population is centered on the city-sectors, which are spread out across the planet surface instead of skyward, per a hive configuration, due mostly to the fact that Bastille Prime’s mass is ten times the surface area of Holy Terra.
Sector Gallens is the largest, holding a population of 2.9 billion people.  It’s skyline is massive and the glow from the city ports illuminates the night sky almost to the intensity of day.
A pall of smoke hangs around Gallens as well, though the smoke is not from industry but rather from the output of millions of incense censers which burn in honor of the saints interred.
There are eight primary objective locations within Sector Gallens.  These are shown on the satellite image above.
I – Gallens Prime Shrine Vault – City Zone – Location of Space Marine Garrison
II – Gallens Prime Spaceport – City Zone
III – Manufactorum Zeta Omega – responsible for supplying Imperial Guard forces with ammunition and equipment.
IV – Water Purification – responsible for cleansing the water supply and providing drinking water to the population of Sector Gallens
V – Nova Orbital Cannon – port defense laser batteries
VI – Black Portal – major roadways and railways converge here.  Possessing the hub allows quick movement throughout the sector.
VII – 502nd Garrison – Military complex houses the 502nd army
VIII – Hab Sector 591b – science labs and shrines

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