The 7th Cohort of Typhus – Part 1

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Some real quick history on the 7th Cohort of Typhus.  This is the army that I am building up for our 40k campaign coming up starting in November.  It details the return to the Rubicon system and allows me to explore how chaos chapters recruit new members.

Librarian Anduis is the main character of the force.  As librarian of the 7th company of the Emperor’s Blades, a space marine chapter stationed near the Eye of Terror, the Emperor’s Blades participate in many operations involving demons.  As such they are also tasked with working with the Grey Knights as a support force.

It was on the world of Praxus Reach where a cache of demonic artefacts was located and confiscated by the Knights and the Blades that the story begins.  Anduis kept one of the artefacts for himself, for he felt that he was as good as any Grey Knight in discerning and unlocking the artefact and quelling the forces within it.

This pride would prove to be Anduis’ undoing, for though he was a powerful librarian and his heart was in the right place, the daemon infesting the object was stronger.  Anduis fell, possessed by a pestilence daemon.  The conversion was not abrupt.  Anduis underwent a gradual transformation, and slowly turned a small retinue of the Blades with him.

When the 7th’s company commander discovered Anduis’ heresy, he and the company chaplain confronted him.  Anduis’ transformation at that point was nearing completion, and the daemon within him took control.  Bursting out of his power armor, the now monstrous former-librarian slew the captain and seriously wounded the chaplain before escaping with his renegade followers.

Making their way through space, Anduis was drawn to the Terminus Est, the flagship of the Death Guard champion Typhus the Herald.  The plague daemon that was once Anduis accepted inclusion into Typhus’ death guard, and the champion named the fallen librarian and his men the 7th Cohort, joining them to members of his already existing force.

It is this cohort that will see the bulk of action on Rubicon in the coming months.

  1. baelknight says:

    Paint scheme and what not to come.

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