Entering the world of 3D game design: Project Genesis

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Game Programming and Design, Uncategorized

I don’t know what it was but something gave me the bug to learn 3D programming.  It has always been on my plate to do, but I suppose honestly the concept of plugging in that many hours of coding to design an engine did not appeal to me, especially with my other projects running (work related coding, hobby projects such as warhammer, my writing, etc)

Anyhow… so I picked up my XNA manuals and started getting into doing a space flight sim.  I figured it would be the easiest way to work since space is vast and empty and the only things that need rendered are the ships and other objects floating about.  

I’m kind of working on a project that mixes the old xwing series with civilization.  Anyhow… I’ll post more on that as I learn the ropes.  The first step for me is to get a working flight model out where I can fly a camera about empty space and produce a skybox.

Hanging about on gamedev.net, I was able to get some pointers on a skybox and after a couple of weeks of doing tutorials and learning the basics of 3d design, I was able to get a working skybox rolling and able to fly around it.  

Then I discovered this thing called Unity.  Wow.  I did some research and it is pretty much the awesome.  It is a game engine already created… I don’t have to code any of the guts of rendering objects, shaders, etc… I can just worry about game code and getting my idea on the screen.

I spent the evening playing around and was able to get a working flight sim created with a skybox in about 15 minutes.  Seriously.  Fifteen minutes.  All I had to do was learn some syntax which honestly if you know any XNA code, the syntax here seems to port right over (translations, etc) and today I am quite excited to continue my learning process.

Who knows… Project Genesis may have a prototype build in the coming months…


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