Genesis Project – Phase III – And there was light

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Game Programming and Design


Messing around with creating some sunlight in the scene.  Here I am rendering a star object from approximately 1 AU away (the distance from earth to the sun).  I compared some space photographs to get the sizing about right.  The challenge was figuring out lighting.

What you are seeing above is a point-light set over a star sphere and then given two custom lens flares.  The first is a subtle glow, the second is a cold clear effect.  I found those in the asset store for free (search lens flares).

I’m kind of bummed I can’t incorporate a third lens flare in there as there is a pointlight flare I’d like to use that will give it a twinkling look but I’ll revisit that later.  For now we have a sun.

There are two more steps that I have to take now.  The first is to make sure that the sun stays in the same relative position as my ship.  The second is to configure a compass so that it points solar north and shows my bearing (an important feature on all ships I’d think).  I will later allow the compass to be configured to galactic north as well as to compare bearing to a highlighted target.


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