Genesis Project – Phase III – Adding some Bearing

Posted: August 4, 2013 in Game Programming and Design



Today was fairly productive.  Not only was I able to get a workable sun put into the scene (not 100% crazy about it but it sheds light and looks somewhat ok which is fine at this point), but was able to get a working bearing indicator at the top of the screen going.

How’s It Work?
By default the bearing will align to the sun of a system.  The screen above shows that we are traveling 20 degrees NE.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep cardinal directions but for right now, true north in a system will be facing the sun.


The sun needs to be billboarded and stay in relative position to my ship.  This is my next challenge.  To complete Phase III the sun will need to stay relative to the ship.  I can’t travel to it.  That is among other challenges that still need addressed:

  • Sun stay relative to the ship
  • Empty targeting panel which will show current selected items details (distance, type etc)

Once that is complete, will be ready to head for Stage IV, which involves populating the targeting panel and targeting the objects themselves with brackets


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