Project Blackwater – Adding Tile Upgrades and TFS

Posted: November 16, 2014 in Game Programming and Design


Short update – this was a great week for independent developers.  Microsoft released their visual studio 2013 for free with the community edition which is much more powerful than the Express version.  Unity is fully integrated with VS2013 and that has been awesome working with an environment I am much more comfortable with.

Another thing that was awesome is that TFS is now available for me to use for source control and I can have up to four others on my project team.

This allows me to have others help out without me having to jump through flaming hoops to get them my source code and then integrate their changes into mine.

Now that all of that has settled down – I have completed the next sub task which was to get an info bar added to the screen which will display the tile information that the mouse hovers over, as well as to be able to draw tile upgrades.

In the screenshot above there is now a hamlet on one of my grassland tiles.  While its still not visually awesome – I am able to obtain some graphics for farms, mines, cities, etc and start working those into the game soon.

My next step is to display the town’s name on the map.


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