Forging the Narrative –’s Badab War Campaign: Six Weeks to Hour Zero

Posted: November 17, 2014 in 40k, Badab War

Badab Sysrtem

Six weeks and counting until the first week’s orders of execution are deployed in the Badab sector.  Six weeks until the attempted withdrawal from the Imperium by Lord Huron and his Astral Claws begins.  There is still some work left to do to prepare for this event.  As of today, Huron has submitted his “Articles of Just secession”, signed by himself as well as the masters of the Lamenters and the Mantis Warrior chapters, who have been convinced of the justness of the cause and the injustice of the demands laid upon the Badab Sector as well as a full investigation into the claims of rulership by the Karthan Sector and asserting sovereign control by the space marine chapters contained within as has been historic and lawful.  

Imperial tithes have for the present been severed and defensive postures have been reinforced to give a show of strength.  Around this time, Imperial shipping passing through the sector’s outer regions have begun to be attacked and lost in great numbers.  The enemy is currently unknown. 

The Karthargo Sector begins to mobilize for war by drafting increasingly large numbers of trops into its planetary defence regiments as well as establishing direct military ties and a formal alliance iwth the rulers of Sagan, who is suffering from the secession’s current consequences and fear Huron’s growing power.

The Fire Hawks Chapter is the first to respond to the Karthargo Sector.  

Angstrom, the forge world within the system, has become alarmed by this and have convened internal councils to determine which direction to turn.  One half of the council cautions against turning against the Imperium for fear of being branded traitors and heretics.  The other half see a wisdom in joining Huron for the profitability would be much greater.  Those dabbling in xenos technology are especially keen of escaping the Imperium’s grip.

Local signups will continue to run throughout the event as people can come and go as they need.  December 13th is our first official ‘preseason’ meet up where the first sparks of war are fanned as an Imperial Inquisition fleet demands entrance into the Badab System and Huron meets them with his own naval forces in a tutorial game of Battle Fleet Gothic.

Battle Fleet Gothic, it is hoped, will play a large part of the campaign and there are several players this year interested in trying it out.

With six weeks remaining until the first orders are released, players are busy finishing up recruiting models and painting them for their respective armies.  New storylines are being forged, for the Forge World narrative will serve only as a base platform to launch from; our actions will define our version of the Badab War.

Some map updates need to be made to show which factions own which areas of the map still, which will likely be color coded symbols next to the systems on the map itself.  There also needs to be a good way to record element information, since there will be many elements on the map.  I will likely use a spreadsheet template and upload it to our website and on the day we split our points into elements we will use those to keep things clean.

Most of my Imperial Guard (er… Astral Militarum) penal legion is complete and I just have to touch up some characters now and get the last bits of my city table ready for the hell about to be unleashed on it.  I ordered some forge world city tiles for the table and the last few bits will really make a big difference in the game visually I feel.

Also with Leviathan dropping next week, there will be an updated set of Cityfight rules to check out.  The amount of narrative campaign material that Games Workshop has been releasing has been a great boon and I’m looking forward to seeing how the new rules integrate with the map campaign.

Another week gone, six more to go!  I have some characters to get looking pretty and then turn my attention to my imperial Battle Fleet Gothic fleet and prepare for the first shots to ring out in December!

The Badab War Campaign starts January 4th and runs through June, using Imperial Armor 9 and 10 as a basis.  Battle Reports, fiction, and progress will be posted here and can be followed on 

What campaign projects are you currently working on or fighting today?  Post below!


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