Forging the Narrative – Crowns Its 18th Champion

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Wargaming



From June up until Thanksgiving, has run its annual fantasy campaign.  This year it was held in the steamy jungles of Lustria, where the players had to not only deal with their opposition, but also the lethal jungles themselves!  The rules for the campaign can be found on if you are interested in reading about those details.

The final event took the five owners of the chests of Mathias Ward – chests won during campaign days spread throughout the duration of the campaign:

* Cory Jenkins – high elves – claimed the first chest of Ward by winning the pre-season tournament.
* Keith Rankin – ogres – claimed the second chest of Ward by winning our first campaign day event in July.  Also won the Best Painted award for his exceptional work on his ogres.

* Travis Childress – lizardmen – claimed the third chest of Ward.
* Joshua Taflinger – lizardmen – representing southern Indiana – claimed the fourth chest of Ward.
* Tony Lopes – orcs and goblins with a captive slaaneshi demon prince – representing southern Indiana – won the final chest of Mathias Ward


The Scenario
Triumph and Treachery with Storm of Magic.  The players would claim coins in the usual Triumph and Treachery manner.  Additionally, for every fulcrum they owned they would receive a brass coin at the end of each magic phase.  If they possessed the pyramid in the center of the table, this would grant them a silver coin at the end of each magic phase.  The catch was that Mathias Ward himself sat at the top of the pyramid.

Mathias was templated from a Death Elemental from the Monstrous Arcana.  Additionally, he was a level 5 wizard that knew all of the spells from High, Light, and Death lores.  He would not have his own turn, rather he would gain six power dice to cast a spell whenever a player miscast a spell.  Mathias would target that player with his spells.

The table was a six foot by six foot square, with the pyramid in the center and jungles spread out all around it.  The table used jungle fighting rules, with Lustrian encounters in play.

The game would go for six turns or until 7:30 pm, whichever came first.


The Early Game
Travis came out aggressive and immediately charged Ward with the first move.  The creator of the jungles raised his eyebrow as ripper-dactyls flew at him, but Travis followed that up with not one but two miscasts that allowed the champion of rules writing two spells which shredded the skinks and their flying mounts – putting a quick end to their attempted usurping.

Travis pointed his dread saurian over towards Keith’s ogres in what would be a continuing battle for most of the day.

The miscasts put Travis’ slaan on Keith’s fulcrum.  Indeed all of the wizards got scrambled around the table until another miscast would set things right (in storm of magic, fulcrum miscasts do additional effects – one of which is randomly moving wizards from one fulcrum to another, replacing its occupant)


Cory’s high elves had summoned forth a greater demon of Nurgle for this – desperate the high elves were for a victory and to retrieve the powers of the Wardian temple and make a quick return to Ulthuan, where it was said an invasion was underway.

Dancing For Position – The Orcs Draw Huge Points

Tony kicked the game open in Turn 3 when his enslaved Keeper of Secrets managed to cast unbinding on the nurgle greater demon, forcing it out of the game and netting Tony over 700 points.  Tony would have the advantage in points from this point forward.  Travis and Cory quickly fell behind, but Keith and Josh were both hot on Tony’s heels.


Keith broke Travis’ line and netted himself a large portion of points in the end game, pushing his point total within 50 of Tony’s.  Josh surged forward and tried to finish off the high elves.

Tony managed to unseat one of Josh’s wizards off of a fulcrum, giving the orcs two fulcrums and two brass coins a turn to help out his score towards the later part of the game.  This move would prove hugely pivotal.

Josh had the final turn of the game and after some last minute casting and moving, it came down to a final battle between his carnosaur taking on a unit of high elf spearmen.

A stegadon charge cleared the weakened remnant of a swordmaster unit, scoring Josh much needed points and pushing him to 2450 points.  Tony was also sitting at 2450 points and Keith was right behind at 2400.  Tony played a treachery card which gave him a brass coin for Josh winning his battle against Cory – which pushed the orcs to 2500 points.  Josh was only a brass coin behind him (the orc owning the fulcrum at the last turn being that difference) and all he had to do was break the unit of high elf spearmen he was fighting.

Cory denied him, being steadfast and all, by holding even though he lost on his stubborn elven leadership of 8.  Thus Tony claimed the title after a very close final turn by literally a brass coin…



Thus the campaign concluded and the fantasy players look to summer of 2015 for a map campaign on the shores of Ulthuan.  In the meantime, we congratulate Tony on a hard fought campaign which saw him move to #14 in our all time rankings for fantasy, as well as Keith for his best painted ogres and Vincent Starks who was voted the best player of the campaign for sportsmanship.

I would like to also thank the Louisville gaming community and store owners for the support of the campaign and to all those that participated.  It was a great time this year and will be another memorable leaf in the book of battles that we have forged.


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