Forging the Narrative – The Eye of the High Lords

Posted: November 27, 2014 in 40k, Badab War


With five different chapters of the space marines now at open warfare with each other, and a sixth en route, along with several naval detachments and the various factions now involved in what was rapidly becoming the greatest conflict of its kind in recent Imperial history, the Imperium’s high authorities were forced to finally act.

A triumvirate of Imperial Legates were dispatched under the Seal of the High Lords to pronounce judgement over the ongoing strife in the Maelstrom Zone and were under orders to lave no stone unturned.  The triumvirate was served by a sizeable deputation of the inquisition of the Ordo Hereticus, and were given a powerful naval escort battle group to investigate both factions and their backers.

Inqusition investigation has swiftly uncovered a chain of evidence concerning Huron’s activities and those of his chapter.  Charges are laid ranging from his refusal to return the chapter’s gene-seed to evidence of their direct involvement in attacks on imperial shipping lanes.

As for the Karthans, their own role in contributing to and worsening the unfolding events of the secession smack at best of gross arrogance and at worse wanton ambition and misrule.

The Terran Legates has quickly pronounced the conflict as a matter of Imperial Security as opposed to a local issue and has issued an immediate demand for cease fire of all parties and the surrender of the Secessionists.

Huron has rejected this demand.

As a result, the High Lords have issued an arrest warrant for the chapter masters of all Secessionists and the seizure of their worlds, goods, records., and chattels by whatever force is deemed necessary.

This order is to be carried out by all loyal forces of the imperium.

The Badab War is truly about to begin.MantisWarriorsDread Mantiswarriorsicon


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