Forging the Narrative – Splitting the Iron of Angstrom

Posted: December 3, 2014 in 40k, Badab War


In the early days of the Badab War, as Lord Huron awaited the answer from the Imperium regarding his Articles of Secession, the heart and soul of the entire sector was torn between loyalties.  A key world in the sector was Angstrom, a forge world of not inconsiderable power and influence.

Shortly after Huron’s articles were made public, the Mechanicum leaders on Angstrom conveyed within their great and monumental Hall of the Ommnisiah.  The tower gleamed with the fires of one hundred great forges and could be seen from orbit, overshadowing any structure near it on the planet.

Faction leaders from across the globe met to discuss the articles and what that meant to the security of their vaults and works.  None could reach any form of agreement, though long did they bicker and cajole into the nighttime hours and morning again.

Angstrom harbored its own secrets.  Secrets that many felt Huron would turn an eye away from if he became ruler and had to answer to no one but his own council.  Xenos technology improved upon that would enhance the Imperium’s own armies had they not been so short sighted as to denounce it and destroy it for being impure.

While these secrets were known by many, there was still a strong backbone of faith in the Imperium and to the God-Emperor.  That backbone made its presence known at the council, denouncing Huron as a heretic and traitor and pledging their war engines toward the Loyalists and to their cause to stop the Tyrant of Badab at all costs possible.

Thus was the council torn and undeclared, and after several days and nights of deliberation there was war not only from the outside of the Angstrom system, but within it as well.  Knight houses lined up against each other, tanks moved to guard borders, and engines of war arrayed against the planet itself in a gesture of mutually assured destruction.

Angstrom itself was on the brink of its own civil war, for there was to be no reconciliation of philosophies.  The line between loyalist and traitor was blurry, for many held that Huron upheld the ideals of the Imperium and that the agents of the God-Emperor were corrupted and were themselves the traitors.  mechanicusThe War for Angstrom Begins

When the agents of the Imperium came into the system to demand Huron’s immediate disarmament and tribune for his alleged crimes committed against the Emperor, a short but potent battle occurred on the fringe of the Badab system between the Tyrant’s fleet and the Inquisition.  This battle was the charge that lit the powder keg.  Upon hearing word of the battle, there was not a soul on the Forge World that did not already know that a threshold had been crossed, and that there was now no turning back.

With loyalties divided and without any reconciliation, the first shells exploded across the munitions factories of Angstrom.  Thus the battle was joined by these gods of war striding atop massive battle-titans and wielding weapons capable of stripping an entire world bare of life.

While the war prepared to rage outside of the system, Angstrom began to claw and tear at itself with abandon…


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