Forging the Narrative – The Badab War Begins at

Posted: December 14, 2014 in 40k, Badab War


After Huron released his Articles of Secession, the Imperials were forced to send forth a delegation to deal with him.  No longer was this a simple maritime trade rights issue, but a full fledged secession attempt.  Suspecting heresy, the Imperials sent forth an Inquisition task force to bring Huron to heel and return him for judgement.

The Inquisition convoy was not expecting armed resistance, and was fairly light – consisting of a pair of cruisers and escorted by sword frigates.

Upon entering the Badab sector, the inquisition convoy was met by a pair of hostile cruisers and four escorts.  The inquisitor was enraged by this postulating, and demanded that Huron and his forces stand down immediately and that the Inquisitor be allowed entry to the system and to take in the Tyrant.

Huron’s answer was to have his fleet open fire on the inquisitor.  Torpedos flashed from tubes and the Secessionist forces began to open fire on the Inquisition fleet!


The imperials were able to move quickly into position and destroy a pair of the Secessionist escorts with torpedos and fighter bombers of their own.  However, that advantage was short-lived.  Huron’s cruisers began tearing into the Inquisitor’s vessel directly, pounding on its shields and beginning to tear away at its armored hull.

The Inquisitor ordered a ramming operation into the heart of the Secessionist’s fleet, but the ship was repelled in short order.  With shields down, and with critical damage beginning to bloom across the kilometers long vessel, the Inquisitor knew that this day was lost.  Ordering a withdrawal, his vessel slipped off into the void trailing wreckage.


The remaining imperial cruiser and escorts attempted to even the fight, but their guns were proving to be ineffective.  Huron’s commanders moved their ships around the remaining imperial cruiser and gave it the same treatment that the Inquisitor’s vessel suffered.  With shields down and wreckage beginning to plume into the cold void, the remaining imperial cruiser also withdrew.

The secessionists won that day, a day that would be known forever as the battle that sparked an entire war…


After the battle concluded, the Imperial forces withdrew to plan starting element locations and force sizes.  After about ninety minutes of deliberations, a plan had been forged and forces arrayed on the northern fringe of the warzone.

The other factions were also meeting to discuss their initial deployments.  On 12/20 the final location of elements and armies would be due and the map would be updated to show starting locations.

A couple of short weeks after that, on 1/4/15 – the war would truly begin with elements moving forward and fleets engaging on a more large scale operation.

Along the rules front, more loopholes had been closed, language cleaned up, and examples clarified to help players better understand how things would operate.  Badab is the most complex campaign run by the group in over ten years, and many questions were still lingering and needing answered.

Complex campaigns can be a lot of fun – but the work required to see them through can be quite heavy.  It makes me appreciate games design that much more, because it is fairly easy for someone to write a rule out and it has several unintended meanings or consequences that the author doesn’t even see until other people pick up the ruleset.

With that said, the group finishes painting forces and tables.  In two weeks the campaign will begin fully!


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