Forging the Narrative – The Map is Set – Two Weeks to Go!

Posted: December 21, 2014 in 40k, Badab War
Badab Sector Beginning

Campaign Map

War is Beginning – The Badab Conflict prepares to begin in a couple of weeks starting on January 4th.  Follow here to watch how it unfolds!

The deadline for map elements was set at 12/20/2014 and all three factions have crafted their elements and placed them on the map.  As expected, the center of the map is going to bear a lot of weight.  The imperials have parked two fleet elements on the eastern front of Corcrya, though their final destination is anyone’s guess.

With the forge world of Angstrom before them, it would be expected that bullets and bombs will begin flying near that area very soon!

A third imperial fleet sits at anchor around Galen, a single system from the fortress world of Svnngard and a last fleet sits towards the rear of the imperial lines at Tranquility.  The imperials also chose to station an army on the ruined shrine world of Piety, likely to begin unlocking its secrets and resources.

Army elements that are carried with the fleet elements are not shown, so it is unknown how many ground forces the imperials are carrying there to begin wrestling control of the central portion of the sector away from the Tyrant Huron.

Huron meanwhile starts off with his fleet elements all lodged in the center of his domain, in what imperial scholars state is to strengthen his core and be able to react to both fronts (that being the imperials and the forces of ruin)

The ork powers in the system were leading the charge.  Though the necrons had infiltrated the system in their effort to locate the Burning Witch and their prize, their presence has disappeared.  It is suspected that their agents are still active, though their military might is withdrawn for the moment while the ork screen pushes forward, especially in the north western quadrant of the sector.

A green blitzkrieg may be in the making…


Imperial planning meeting at one of Louisville’s gaming stores – “Something 2 Do”

Now that the map elements are put down, the factions prepare for the orders phase which will begin in January.  Several battle fleet gothic demo games have gone down, with new players learning the system and veteran players picking the game up again after many years of it not seeing the light of day on the table.

Battle Fleet Gothic will play a very large part of the Badab campaign, and watching the two sides of the campaign converge has been exciting (that being not only getting ready for tabletop games, but also a grand strategic phase using the map).


Mechanicum force ready to take Angstrom for the Imperials!

With the imperial inquisitor having been repelled from the sector, it was only a matter of time before the imperials replied with military force of their own, and that force has arrived!  The finishing touches on models is happening and in two more weeks we will have the first orders of the campaign fired out.

Game Design Is Not Easy

Several revisions of the campaign document have been made as well, as we find loop holes that were not intended.  Up to this point the campaign document has been revised twenty-three times, and I will be quite surprised if it does not reach fifty revisions by campaign end.

Planetary upgrades still is not unlocked or ready as I want to wait to see how the first resource phase goes before pushing upgrade costs (balance out the main portion of the system first before stapling on another element that could further unbalance things before it has had a chance to be tweaked first)

When we are finished, the ruleset should be fairly stable and will be able to be modified or expanded in future years should we so choose to go that route.

Map campaigns are very intricate and complex things, and so far the group has largely had positive things to say about it.  Once complete, I am very interested to see if we continue to pursue this direction in future campaigns or if we reign back a little bit and go back to narrative campaigns.  That may be getting a little ahead of myself at the moment but its fun to see the story arcs stretch far into the future.


This week was also exciting because we were able to get our plaque showing the winners of every event since 1999 put up at three of our local stores.  Each and every one of these events had a story behind them which have continued to this day.

With that, we here at wish all of you happy holidays and we look forward to presenting the Badab War come the new year!  Thank you to everyone that has made our community what it is today!


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