Badab Campaign Turn 1 – Cycle 1

Posted: January 4, 2015 in 40k, Badab War


Badab Turn 1 Cycle 1 Move Log

Initiative rolls:  Imperials (11), Secessionists (8), Ruin (5)

Action 1
Imperials – Fleet element I moves from Corcrya to Angstrom
Secessionists – deploy agent to Angstrom to sway them to their side.  Agent was unable to do so, Angstrom wishes to remain neutral for now.
Ruin – Fleet Element IV moves to Sacristan

Action 2
Imperials deploy agent to Svngaard to sway fortress world to their side.  Agent is unable to do so.
Secessionists – Fleet Element I moves from Decabellus to Svngaard.
Ruin – sends an agent to Kyymara and successfully manages to add the world to their forces.  This move gains the forces of Ruin 10 resource points and 2 victory points, putting them in the lead.

Action 3
Imperials move Fleet III from Galen to Svngaard
Secessionists move Fleet IV from Badab to Angstrom.  However, the warp claims 500 points of the fleet upon arrival…
Ruin – Element II moves to the now owned world of Khymara

Action 4
Imperials move element II from Corcrya to Angstrom
Secessionists move element III from Isin to Crow’s World
Ruin – moves Fleet I from Phargos Hex to Catarayet

Action 5
Imperials embark army D to begin Piety quest chain
Secessionists move Army B from fleet II on Archya to Isin to begin quest chain
Ruin – move army B to begin quest chain on Phargos Hex

Action 6
Imperials begin quest chain on Tranquility with army E
Secessionists issue defend orders to Fleet II on Archya
Ruin – army F begins gygnax mission quest chain

Action 7
Imperials move Tranquility fleet IV to Sacristan

Active Missions for Week 1
Imperials – Piety quest chain stage 1
Imperials – Tranquility quest chain stage 1
Secessionists – Isin quest chain stage 1
Ruin – Phargos Hex quest chain stage 1
Ruin – Gygnax quest chain stage 1


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