Badab Campaign Turn 1 – Cycle 2

Posted: January 11, 2015 in 40k, Badab War


Turn 1 Cycle 1 Results

Piety Mission result – 7 games played (5-2 imperials win)
Tranquility Mission result – 3 games played (2-1 imperials win)
Isin Mission result – 3 games played (2-1 secessionist win)
Gygnax Mission result – 3 games played (1-2 ruin loses)
Phargos Mission result – 3 games played (2-1 ruin wins)

19 games played total.  Attacker wins 12 games of 19

Turn 1 Cycle 2 Orders

Initiative – Ruin (8), Imperials (7), Secessionists (4)

Action 1
Ruin – fleet IV inserts troops into Sacristan and engages with fleet garrison (BFG game 1).
Imperials – fleet II – insert troops into Angstrom (BFG Game 2)
Secessionists – Fleet IV inserts troops into Angstrom (BFG Game 2)

Action 2
Ruin – Fleet 1 attacks Eridayn Catrayct and engaged with neutral fleet (BFG Game 3)
Imperials – Fleet I – insert troops into Angstrom (BFG Game 2)
Secessionists – Fleet III inserts troops onto Crow’s World (BFG Game 4)

Action 3
Ruin – Army D travels to Gygnax with no fleet (succeeds)
Imperials – Army D continues Piety quest chain (Piety Chain 2)
Secessionists – Army B continues Isin Quest Chain (Chain 2)

Action 4
Ruin – Fleet III travels to Sacristan
Imperials – Fleet IV on Sacristan counter attacks Ork Fleet III arriving (BFG Game 5)
Secessionists – Fleet I attacks Imperial Fleet on Svngraad (BFG Game 6)

Action 5
Ruin – Element B continues quest chain on Phargos (Phargos 2)
Imperials – Army E continues quest chain on Tranquility (Tranquility 2)
Secessionists – Fleet II travels to Badab

Action 6
Ruin – Element F on gygnax tries quest chain 1 again

Games for the Cycle

Piety Mission 2
Tranquility Mission 2
Isin Mission 2
Gygnax Mission 1
Phargos Mission 2

For all BFG missions – identify planetary defenses and add those to what is given below based on the planetary conquest document.

Unless fighting a PLANETARY ASSAULT (battle 1 and 2 and 4) randomly generate an escalating engagement (1-2) or fleet engagement (3-6)

BFG Game 1 on Sacristan – ruin fleet 1500 points with battle ship vs Imperial fleet 1500 points playing PLANETARY ASSAULT.

BFG Game 2 on Angstrom – three way battle between secessionist insertion forces, loyalist insertion forces, and Angstrom’s neutral defense network.  Imperials have 2250 points with battleship.  Secessionists have 1500 points with battleship.  Angstrom fields 2000 points with defense network / platform (refer to planetary conquest packet).  Mission is a three-way PLANETARY ASSAULT (refer to bfg scenarios in bfg rulebook).  Key in reporting these battles is how many ground forces actually make it to the planet.  Each assault point is worth 250 points of 40k.

BFG Game 3 – Ruin fleet 1500 points vs neutral fleet 1500 points

BFG Game 4 on Crow’s World – Secessionist fleet 2000 points vs Neutral Fleet 2000 points fighting PLANETARY ASSAULT

BFG Game 5 on Sacristan System – imperial counter attack fleet 1500 points vs Ruin fleet 2000 points

BFG Game 6 on Svngraad – Secessionist attackers 2000 points with battleship vs 2000 points of imperials with battleship

Battle Fleet Gothic games not played out will be rolled for on Sunday.


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