Forging the Narrative – Tales from Badab – Cathedral of Horror

Posted: January 12, 2015 in 40k, Badab War


The dead soldiers’ shots scattered across the pocked pavement, kicking up swirls of dust.  Their aim was terrible, but I suppose I should be thankful for that.  We all back into the shelter of a building, while in front of us you can see more and more of the things standing up from that cathedral.  

We opened fire then, from the safety of that building.  The area lit up in the blue glow of our shots, and the dead did not even react to being shot at.  Shots tore into their rotting bodies but did not serve to stop them at all.  Even plasma blasts from our plasma teams did little other than to immolate their limbs, but still they kept on coming.

Sergeant Greer had us conscripts lay down heavy fire on our flank while orders were run up to the Nor Cal regulars who were taking cover behind some vehicles and firing off snap shots as they could.  The dead not being able to shoot well was a blessing.

One of the rules of war is to never invite the forces of chance into your life, and of course by thinking about the blessing of facing an inferior enemy, chance had it that the dead were not our only enemies.

A man dressed in raggedy white robes pushed forward with the wall of dead flesh.  I saw him because his eyes were the only that reflected the light.  He said some words that I could not understand and then a green flame erupted from his mouth and washed over us.  We lost quite a few men that day, burnt to a crisp.

We opened fire, and whatever it was that he was was killed in short order, along with his dead friends.  The smell though, the smell was horrible.  Burnt flesh never leaves your memory.  Especially when that burnt flesh were friends of yours standing up mere moments previous.


What was left of the undead we killed pretty quickly.  It was the cathedral that had to fall.  That was where the dead were coming from.


There were about six of us standing once the rest of the dead were taken down, and I heard Greer screaming from inside the building.  Some of the corpses had made their way into the building and the sarge was fighting for his life.  Looking over at the cathedral, more of the creatures were being woken up by another of those maniacs in white robes.  Sarge was going to have to take care of himself, I thought, as we ran across the street and into a maintenance ditch which gave us some cover from the scatter shots that the dead were bringing our way.


Some of the zombies tried to shambling into the ditch with us to stop us, but the guys were able to take care of them.  My concerns were with the guy bringing them back up.  That was my target.

I took aim with my rifle and let my shot go.  Blasted him right between the eyes.  He fell like a sack of wheat and what was left of the dead seemed to fall with him.

Just like that it was quiet again except for the whining engines of long distant Valkyries.  The darkness from the cathedral stared at us, however, with open doors.  With so many dead bodies piled around the building, I was pretty sure that we had found the answer to what was going on on this world.

Sergeant Greer came out of the building covered in gore.  I was glad to see that he had been able to handle the walking dead and hoped that he would forgive us for abandoning him to secure the objective.

He agreed with us.  We had to go inside of that cathedral and find out just what in the fug was going on here…

~Trooper James Reed
NorCal 4th Infantry


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