Badab Campaign Turn 1 – Cycle 3

Posted: January 19, 2015 in 40k, Badab War


Turn 1 Cycle 2 Results

Gygnax quest chain 1 – One game played (1-0 ruin) – gygnax quest chain 2 unlocked
Tranquility2 quest chain – Two games played (2-0 imperials) – Tranquility quest chain 3 unlocked (apoc game)
Piety2 quest chain – Four games played (4-0 imperials) – Piety quest chain 3 unlocked (apoc city game)
Phargos Hex2 quest chain – Two games played (1-1 draw) – Phargos Hex stays at level 2 quest chain
Isin2 quest chain – one game played (1-0 secessionists) – Isin level 3 unlocked (apoc game)

BFG1 Sacristan Battle – Ruin defeats imperial fleet, imperial fleet retreats to Grief
BFG2 Three way Angstrom insertion mission – IMperials defeat garrison and secessionists.
BFG3 Eridayn Catrayct – Ruin attacking fleet defeated by garrison and retreats to Phargos Hex
BFG4 Crows World – Secessionist fleet succeeds in insertion battle
BFG5 Sacristan – imperial counter attack fleet loses to ruin fleet and withdraws to Grief
BFG6 Svngraad battle – imperial fleet defeats secessionist fleet.  Secessionists retreat to Decaballus

Turn 1 Cycle 3 Orders

Ruin -> Army Element E attacks Sacristan garrison (40k 1)
Secessionist -> Fleet IV retreats from Angstrom and arrives in Badab
Imperial -> Fleet IV – docks for repairs at Grief and repairs 500 points to bring it back to 1500 points

Action 2
Ruin -> Fleet III follows imperials to Grief and arrive in system
Secessionists -> Fleet I returns to Svngraad for another round of battle next turn
Imperials -> Fleet II with Army B travel to Svngraad

Action 3
Ruin -> Fleet IV attacks Sacristan’s wounded garrison (1000 pts) in BFG7 game
Secessionists -> Army C on Crows World attacks Garrison in 40k2 battle.  2000 pts secessionists vs 2000 points garrison with 250 points of fortifications
Imperials -> Army A attcks Angstrom’s garrison in 40k3 battle (2000 pts imperials with lord of war vs 2000 pts garrison with 400 points of fortifications and lord of war)

Action 4
Ruin -> Fleet I drops Army on Phargos
Secessionists -> Army B with no fleet moves to Hattusa
Imperials -> Army D on Piety moves to Tranquility

Action 5
Ruin -> Consolidate forces on Phargos Hex.  Army A contains all of the forces and Army B is what remains
Secessionists -> Fleet II travels to Hattusa but loses 500 points to the warp
Imperials -> Move fleet III from Svngraad to Galen, but lose 1000 points to the warp

Action 6
Ruin -> Army D with no fleet moves from Gygnax to Bellerphons Fall

Games for the Cycle

Gygnax 2 – 300 point kill team mission on Gygnax – roll mission randomly
BFG 7 – Ruin 1500 point fleet with battleship vs 1000 points imperial defenders
40k1 -Sacristan battle.  2000 pts of Ruin vs 1500 points imperial defenders with 100 points defenses (1600 pts)
40k2 – Crows World – 2000 pts of Secessionists vs 2000 points of Garrison with 250 points fortifications (2250 pts)
40k3 – Angstrom – 2000 pts of Loyalists with lord of war vs 2000 points Garrison with lord of war and 400 points fortifications (2400 pts)


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