Badab Campaign Turn 1 Cycle 4

Posted: January 25, 2015 in 40k, Badab War


Previous Cycle Results

40k1 – Battle on Sacristan (ruin invades) – 2 games played (1-1 draw)
40k2 – Battle on Crows World (secessionist invade) – 5 games played (3-2 secessionist)
40k3 – Battle on Angstrom (imperials invade) – 2 games played (1-1 draw)
Gygnax2 – Killteam on Gygnax 2 – 1 game played (1-0 ruin)
BFG7 – Ruin fleet attacks Sacristan garrison fleet – 1 game played (1-0 ruin)

Current Cycle Orders

Turn 1
Ruin – Fleet III attacks imperial Grief fleet in docks (BFG 8)
Secessionist – Fleet IV unloads army and heads to Angstrom
Imperials – Fleet II – move from Svngraad to Grief but loses 1000 points to the warp

Turn 2
Ruin – engage Sacristan Battle round 2 (40K4)
Secessionist – engage Crow’s World fight.  World down to 1 defense point.  (40k5)
Imperials – Army C deploys on Galen

Turn 3
Ruin – Army “D” transits to Sacristan
Secessionists – hold
Imperials – Fleet III moves from Galen to Svngraad

Turn 4
Ruin – Fleet I picks up army B and moves to the Eridayn Catarayct
Secessionists – hold
Imperials – Army D engages Tranquility Apoc battle (40k6)

Turn 5
Ruin – Army “F” engages Gygnax 3 Apoc battle (40k7)
Secessionists – hold
Imperials – Army E supports Element D on tranquility

Turn 6
Ruin – Army “A” engages Phargos 2 Quest Chain
Secessionists – hold
Imperials – Army A engages Angstrom garrison in Apoc game (40k8)

Turn 7
Ruin – Fleet 2 jumps to Archae
Secessionists – Fleet 2 jumps to Archae to meet Ruin fleet
Imperials – Fleet I attacks Secessionist Fleet IV in ANgstrom space (BFG9)


Current Battles this Cycle
this cycle uses a special scenario which is used in all 40k games regardless of apoc or normal.


Forces – as normal with the exception that the Loyalist side MUST take 3 independent character HQ models.  (if neither side is loyalist, randomly determine which side must do this).  The other side may swap heavy support choices out for additional fast attack choices if they wish on a one for one basis.

The game has three objectives.  For each loyalist HQ model alive on the table at the end of the game, the loyalist player counts that as having scored an objective.  For every model killed or left the table, the other player counts that as having scored an objective.

2) kill points.  The player that scores the most kill points in this mission scores another objective.

The side that has scored the most objectives wins the game.

FIRST TURN AND SETUP – per normal 40k rules, with seize the initiative etc.

Twilight Assault – beginning of game on a 4+ the whole game is played with night fight rules.

Game Length – Random (per 40k rules)

This battle counts for *5* standings points instead of the normal 3

Battle List

BFG8 – 2000 pts of Ruin attacks 1500 pts Imperials while berthed in Grief docks.  Fleet engagement, use planetary defenses on Grief if applicable.

BFG9 – 2000 pts of Imperials with battleship attacks 1000 pts of Secessionists with battleship in a RAID scenario in Angstrom space.

40k4 – 2000 pts ruin vs 1500 pts Sacristan garrison (+100 fortifications).  If ruin wins they claim Sacristan

40k5 – 2000 pts Secessionists vs 1500 pts Crows World garrison (+250 pts fortifications).  If secessionists win they claim Crows World

40k6 – APOCALYPSE BATTLE – Imperials get +250 pts from support.  Imperials have no LORD OF WAR.  Tranquility is a JUNGLE WORLD and should have a lord of war scale greater demon present if available.  Tranquility forces do have LORD OF WAR option.  Terrain should reflect a jungle world and some areas of the table should be dangerous terrain.  Winning this quest chain will give the imperials an additional 5 resource points from this world and the world will be worth 2 victory points instead of 1.

40k7 – APOCALYPSE BATTLE – Forces of Ruin have a Lord of War.  Gygnax forces also have a Lord of War.  Winning this quest chain will give the forces of Ruin a re-roll when traversing red warp lanes.

40k8 – APOCALYPSE BATTLE – imperial forces get a lord of war.  Angstrom garrison has lord of war.  Angstrom garrison has +400 points of fortifications.

PHARGOS2 – Ruin Killteam 300 pts vs neutral phargos2 forces.



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