Badab Campaign Turn 2 Cycle 1

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Previous Cycle Results (1_4)
Phargos Hex 2 – 1 game played – 1-0 RUIN – advances the chain to Phargos 3 (APOC Game)
BFG8 – Imperials vs Ruin – imperials win
BFG 9 – roll off at Angstrom – secessionist fleet drives imperial fleet back
Sacristan – four games played – 2-2 draw
Crows World Invasion – Two games played – 1 secessionist win, 1 draw – Crow’s World falls to Huron!
Tranquility Chain – Two games played, two imperial victories unlock resource points and victory points for the Loyalists
Angstrom – one game played, 1 imperial victory knocks Angstrom’s garrison down two levels and the imperials lose one level.  Angstrom has a defense score of 2 now


Resource Cycle Summary
Imperials – 65 Resource Points, 14 Victory Points
Secessionists – 85 Resource Points, 17 victory points
Ruin – 90 Resource Points, 17 victory points

Ruin – creates new fleet with battleship at Bellaphron, Adds special character slot to Sacristan’s main army, special agent
Secessionists – Boost Fleet II on Isin, Replenish Army B and boost, Add new fleet at Isin
Imperials – Army D & E disbanded, Fleet I disbanded, New Armies on Endyman (x2), New Army on Sacristan (x1), Fleet III dropped battleship, Fleet II dropped battleship, New Fleet Endymian, special agent

All damaged fleets replenished


Random Event for Turn 2
Ruin – gain special ammunition on element “E” on sacristan.  May either boost +1 S or +1 AP.  If using +1 AP, weapons ‘get hot’.
Secessionists – warp storms impede them and they roll an extra die for warp travel all of Turn 2
imperials – gain 12 RPs from extra resources

Current Cycle Orders

Turn 1
Ruin – Element “E” engages Sacristan Garrison (40k9)
Imperials – Fleet II jumps to Sacristan
Secessionists – Army “B” moves from Hatusa to Archaea

Turn 2
Ruin – Fleet IV goes on patrol and engages incoming imperial fleet II (BFG10)
Imperials – Fleet IV moves from Grief to Sacristan
Secessionists – Fleet V Isin to Archaea

Turn 3
Ruin – Fleet III supports Fleet IV’s battle in BFG 10
Imperials – Send an agent to Svngraad and successfully enlist the fortress world to their side
Secessionists – Move fleet III with army “C” from Crows World to Larsa successfully

Turn 4
Ruin – > Move fleet from Archae to Khymra
Imperials – Element “A” attacks Angstrom’s Garrison (40k10)
Secessionist – Army “D” moves from Badab to Angstrom, but the army takes a level loss to their sustain from warp losses

Turn 5
Ruin – embark on the final Phargos Quest (40k11)
Imperials – Fleet III engages with Fleet I in Svngaard space (BFG 11)
Secessionists – Fleet IV patrol Angstrom

Turn 6
Ruin – Fleet I attacks the Cataract’s garrison fleet (BFG 12)
Imperials – Army “D” transitions to Piety
Secessionists – Fleet II moves from Archaea to Badab but loses 1000 points to the warp

Turn 7
Ruin – Engage the Gygax 3 Apoc quest (40k12)
Imperials – move Fleet I from Endymion to Rook

Turn 8
Ruin – send an agent to feral world of Lampton and sway them to their side

Turn 9
Ruin – Element “D” attacks Sacristan’s Shield Generators in a kill team (40k13) vs Loyalist ‘E’ element

Turn 10
Ruin – Fleet V transitions to Sacristan


Current Cycle Battles

40k9 – Ruin vs Sacristan Garrison with defenses (2000 pts Ruin vs 1500 garrison +100 fortifications)
40k10 – Loyalists vs Angstrom Garrison (2000 pts Loyalists vs 1500 pts garrison + 400 fortifications)
40k11 – Phargos Hex APOC game (APOC) Ruin vs Neutral.  Special:  Divine Intervention, Finest Hour, Strategic Assets, and Warp Storm Breach disaster (all found in apoc book)
40k12 – Gygax APOC Game – Ruin vs Neutral:  Special: Divine Intervention, Finest Hour, strategic assets
40k13 – Sacristan Shield Generator Kill Team – 200 pts Ruin vs Loyalists

BFG10 – Ruin fleet attacks Loyalist fleet after arriving (with support) – 1750 pts with battleship ruin fleet vs 2000 pts imperial fleet with no battleship

BFG 11 – Svngraad – Imperial Fleet III attacks secessionist fleet I – 2000 pts loyalists with no battleship vs 2000 pts secessionists with battleship

BFG12 – Cataract Garrison – Ruin fleet – 1500 pts no battleship vs garrison vs 1500 pts no battleship



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