Badab Campaign Turn 2 Cycle 2

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Past Cycle Results

Sacristan Battle – 3 games scheduled – 1 game played – Ruin 1-0 (Ruin flips Sacristan and destroys whats left of the garrison)

Angstrom – 3 games played  – Garrison wins 2 games to 1.  Loyalist army falls back a level to D (2000 pts with LOW)

Gygax – 1 game played – garrison wins 1 game to 0.  Ruin army falls back to level C (1500 pts)

Phargos – game given by default to Ruin – gate to Magos opened

Shield Generator Sacristan killteam – 1 game played – 1 game to garrison

BFG Sacristan battle Ruin vs Imperials – rolled for -Ruin wins.  Loyalist fleet IV falls back to Grief.

BFG Svngraad battle – 1 game played – secessionist victory – loyalist fleet falls back to Galen

BFG Cataract battle ruin vs neutral garrison – 1 game played – garrison victory, Ruin fleet down to 1000 and falls back to Phargos Hex


Current Cycle Orders
Turn 1
Imperials – Fleet IV engages enemy Ruin fleet on Sacristan (BFG battle Ruin 1500 pts vs Loyalists 1500 pts)
Ruin – Element A on Phargos takes Magos gate to the Magos world
Secessionists – Army A travels to Angstrom on its own with no fleet from Badab

Turn 2
Imperials – Army E (500 pts) engages Army E for Ruin (2000 pts) on Sacristan
Ruin – Fleet III supports Fleet IV (1750 pts Ruin vs 1500 pts Loyalists)
Secessionists – Fleet III @ Larsa begins planetary insertion mission against garrison fleet (BFG battle)

Turn 3
Imperials – Army A with the NorCal 4th attacks Angstrom’s garrison again
Ruin – Fleet III drops Army C on Kymra
Secessionists – Fleet IV begins planetary insertion mission on Angstrom

Turn 4
Imperials – Begin Army D on Piety to finish quest chain
Ruin – Army F tries again on Gygax
Secessionists – Fleet II repairs on Badab, repairs 500 of 1000 points of damage and is up to 1500 points

Turn 5
Imperals – Fleet I scouts Rook
Ruin – Fleet 1 repairs at Phargos to full strength (1500 pts)
Secessionists – Fleet V patrols Archae

Turn 6
Imperials – fleet II on Grief repairs to full strength (2000 pts)
Ruin – loads up Army “D” to Fleet V (500 pt army element)
Secessionists – Patrol Svngraad with fleet I

turn 7
Imperials – Fleet III moves from Galen to Grief


Current Battles
BFG 13 – 1500 pts of Loyalists with no battleship vs 1750 points of Ruin with battleship on Sacristan
BFG 14 – 2000 pts of Secessionists planetary insertion Larsa 1000 pts garrison fleet, a space station, and 150 pts of system defenses
BFG 15 – 2000 pts of Secessionists with battleship planetary insertion Angstrom 1500 pts garrison fleet with a space station and 150 points of extra system defenses added

40k 14 – Battle on Sacristan- 500 pts of Loyalists vs 2000 pts of Ruin (loyalists must kill 500 points to win)
40k 15 – Battle on Angstrom (city table) – 2000 pts of Loyalists with LOW vs 1500 points of garrison with 400 points of defenses/fortifications
40k 16 – Battle on Piety – APOCALYPSE battle loyalists vs garrison.  loyalists have no lord of war.  Garrison is made up of tzeentch lord of war greater demon as its lord of war plus troops.

Use:  Divine Intervention, finest hour, undead / zombie natural disaster!
40k 17 – Gygax – APOCALYPSE – Ruin vs neutral

Use:  Divine intervention, finest hour, warpstorm natural disaster

Policy Changes
Games not played that were scheduled count as forfeits

Games that were scheduled but then caught not played because side had already locked down a planet will result in the system being auto flipped.

Starting in March – players with more wins than losses can only challenge like record players barring special permission.  Players with losing records may still challenge players with winning records, just not vice-versa.


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