Badab Campaign Turn 2 Cycle 4

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Past Turn Results

BFG Rook battle – Imperials win 1-0
BFG Sacristan Battle 1 – Imperials win 1-0
BFG Sacristan Battle 2 – Imperials win 1-0

Larsa 40k – 1-1 draw – secessionists continue their attack
Angstrom – 1-0 victory for secessionists who flip the planet
Magog – 1-2 neutral victory, RUIN loses a level of effectiveness

Current Orders
Ruin withdraws sacristan fleets to Bellerophons Fall
Secessionist Pask does not die from his injuries on Larsa

Secessionist Orders
Continue fighting on Larsa
Element “A” takes Corcrya from Imperials
Fleet II moves from Badab to Svngraad but loses 1000 pts to the warp
Fleet V patrols Archae
Army “D” defends Angstrom
Fleet IV bombards Angstrom

Imperial Orders
Fleet IV moves from Sacristan to Bellerophons Fall
Fleet II inserts attacking army “B” into sacristan via planetstrike
Fleet III moves from sacristan to tranquility but loses 500 pts of 1000 to the warp
Army “A” attacks Angstrom
Fleet I planetstrikes Rook with element “F”

Ruin Orders
Fleet 1 moves from Magog to Calah
Fleet V goes on patrol to engage imperial fleet IV
Fleet II defends Kymra
Element “A” attacks Magog again
Element “F” supports element “A”

Battles to Be Fought

BFG 19 – Imperial Fleet V vs Ruin Fleet IV on Bellerophons Fall
BFG 20 – IMperial Fleet I planet insertion on Rook (2000 pts vs 1500 Rook plus any planetary bonuses)

40k 21 – Seccessionist battle on Larsa Seccessionists 2000 pts with Cypher, Pask, Fabius Bile, Fateweaver vs 1000 pts of garrison with 100 pts of fortifications.  Garrison must slay 1000 pts of Secessionists to win.

40k 22 – Imperial planetstrike on Sacristan – Imperials 2000 pts with special character support vs Ruin 2000 pts (no lord of war or special characters)

40k 23 – 2000 pts of Daemonic horde on Magog with lord of war vs 2250 pts of Ruin (holds Death Leper character)

40k 24 – BATTLE FOR ANGSTROM – zone mortalis conflict in the command citadel – 1000 pts of imperials vs 1000 pts of secessionists with special character support.  Mission is an ASSAULT MISSION (refer to Zone Mortalis document which contains misison) – each side gets 3 strategem points to spend before the mission starts in the strategem portion.


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