Badab Campaign Turn 3 Cycle 1

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Resource time!  Current score:
Ruin & Secessionists 21 victory points, Imperials with 15
Ruin & Secessionists 105 resource points, Imperials with 75

Past Battles
Angstrom 2-2 draw – secessionists keep Angstrom
Sacristan – 2-1 Ruin – Ruin keeps the planet
Larsa – 1-0 Secessionists – one more game and they own Larsa
BFG battle on Rook – imperial insertion successful
BFG Battle – Bellephrons Fall – imperials vs Ruin – imperial fleet wins and knocks a ruin fleet to Gygnax

Secessionists successfully pulled the Prison Colony of Kyro into their fold, with 4 victory points and 20 resource points added to their total (putting them in the lead)


Turn 3 Orders

Turn 1
Secssionists – move element “A” to angstrom but lose 1000 points of 2000 to warp storms!
Imperials – Fleet 1 moves from sacristan to B. Fall
Ruin – recon the ork world Calah

Turn 2
Secessionists – Army C continues to prosecute Larsa
Imperials – Army B prosecutes Sacristan
Ruin – Fleet V moves from Gygax to B. Fall, loses 500 points and 1500 remain

Turn 3
Secessionists – Army “F” moves to Larsa
Imperials – Element “E” moves to Piety
Ruin – Element “A” prosecutes Magog

Turn 4
Secessionists – Fleet IV and Army D move to Svngraad
Imperials – Fleet V and Army A on Galen move to Svngraad
Ruin – Fleet IV attacks imperial fleet I at B. Fall

Turn 5
Secessionists – Fleet V patrols Archae
Imperials – Fleet IV supports Fleet II on B. Fall
Ruin – Fleet III supports Fleet IV on B. Fall

Turn 6
Secessionists – Fleet VI patrols
Imperials – Element “G” moves to piety but is destroyed in the warp

Turn 7
Secessionists – Fleet 3 patrols Larsa


Current Battles
BFG – Svngraad – 2000 points of imperials vs 2000 points of secessionists (with battleship)
BFG – B. Fall – 2,250 points of imperials vs 2,250 points of ruin (with battleship)

40k – Rook – 2000 points with lord of war of demonically possessed colonists vs 1500 points of loyalists with 100 pts of fortifications.

40k – 2000 points of secessionists vs 500 pts of garrison on Larsa (fighting the scenario needing 500 points to win the game on Larsa)

40k – Sacristan – 2000 points of imperials with special characters vs 2000 points of ruin with lord of war and special characters

40k – MAGOG – APOCALYPSE BATTLE!!!!  Ruin vs Demonic Host!!

40k – Dark Angels quest chain – Hunting the Fallen!
1500 points – random game length – must be played between a Dark Angels player and a secessionist player.

Secessionist player – each unit champion is an objective.  Killing the unit champion earns the dark angels player a point.  Keeping it alive by the end of the game earns the secessionist a point.

If the secessionist warlord is defeated in assault phase it is worth 5 points.  If the secessionist warlord is killed via shooting it is worth 1 point to the dark angels.  If the secessionist warlord survives, it is worth 5 points to the secessionist player.

Secondary objectives:  None.  The dark angels are here to capture the enemy warlord and kill his officers.



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