Badab Campaign Turn 3 Cycle 3

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Past Results

Sacristan was once again a bloody draw, with ruin winning two and the imperials winning two.
Piety was a loss for the imperials, and the element was dropped to 1000 pts
BFG Svngraad insertion was a victory for the garrison
BFG Svngraad ruin vs secessionist battle was a victory for the secessionists
BFG Sacristan was not played and the roll off went to the imperials, pushing the orks back to Bellephron’s Fall

Current Orders

RUIN – Fleet V moves from Bell. Fall to Sacristan
RUIN – Fleet I with Army B moves from Calah to Corcrya but loses 500 points of its element to the warp
RUIN – Army “A” continues the fight on Magog
RUIN – Fleet IV repairs at Bell. Fall and repairs a level
RUIN – Fleet II repairs at Kymra and fixes one level
RUIN – Army “E” engages imperials on Sacristan

Fleet II and IV reorganize
Army “F” claims Optera
Fleet III moves from Optera to kyro
Fleet VI moves to Corcrya
Fleet V patrols Archae
Fleet I attempts insertion of Army “D” onto Svngraad

Fleet II goes on patrol and engages RUIN fleet V
Fleet IV supports Fleet II
Fleet V repairs at Grief
Fleet III patrols at Tranquility
Army “E” moves from Piety to endymion
Fleet I moves to Magog

Current Battles
40k – Battle of Magog – 2k vs 2k RUIN vs Preferably Daemons.  Both have lords of war available
40k – Sacristan – 2k ruin vs 2k imperials with defender bonus.  Ruin has lord of war and special characters.  imperials have special characters.

BFG – planetary insertion on svngraad 2000 points of secessionists vs 2000 points of imperial garrison.  Use the bonuses given in the scenario.  Svngraad has no planetary bonuses in addition to.

BFG – Sacristan – 2k orks vs 1750 imperials


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