Azyr Empires Bloodbound Battle 1 vs the High Elves

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The Coming of tor-Caedis

History remembers the victor, and this history is written of the Khorne warlord Tor-Caedis.

The first real battle saw him invade an aelven forest set amidst the Trees of Woe within Aqshy.  This burning forest was home to dark blackened trunks that dropped bits of flame, which glowed afire in the half light of the realm.

The Scenario was Reclaim the Fallen.  The current ruler of the Ashlands, the chaos lord Gysh the Iron, had led a raiding party into the forest, and to a man they were slaughtered by the aelven troops defending their land.

The body of Gysh the Iron was to be recovered at all costs and not lost to the enemy.

The scenario saw Tor-Caedis lead a small skirmishing band through the forest to recover the body.  He would have five turns to locate the body in one of three areas (whenever a friendly model would come within 3” of the token, on a 5+ that was the body).  For every of Tor Caedis’s men that was within 3” of the true body, he would earn a point.  He needed six points to win the scenario.  For every aelf within 3” of the body, he would lose a point.

The scenario lasted 5 sure turns and on a 4+ would go one more turn.

Tor Caedis and his Retinue – 13 Azyr Points

  • Tor Caedis (free) – no upgrades at all (first game) so very green and not even a command ability to his name
  • 10 Blood Reavers led by the chieftain Wreck-Gar the Mangled
  • 10 Blood Warriors led by the warrior Jimm Hellwig, the most ultimate of Khorne’s warriors
  • 3 Wrathmongers
  • 1 Khorograth


Princess Oriana and the Aelven Defenders of the Trees of Woe – 12 Azyr Points

  • Oriana, a high elf Princess (free) – no upgrades at all
  • 1 Frost Phoenix
  • 10 White Lions

The battlefield was set from the perspective of the Khorne warband.  The fallen Chaos lord was located either on the chaos altar (center), the jungle stand to the northwest of that, or under a large tree to the far left (out of picture)


The khorne bloodbound deployed first.  To achieve build points, both sides chose a secondary objective from the Azyr Empires list.  Chaos chose the “Slay their champions” objective, which would give 2 build points if their elite white lion unit could be slain.  The aelves chose the “slay their general” objective, aiming to put an end to the short career of Tor-Caedis.


Secondary and Tertiary Objectives
Three tertiary objectives were rolled.  For chaos, they received the Slay the General objective (worth D3 build points), and had to hold objective #4 and #6 for at least a turn.  Objective six was far to the east, and so the reavers were deployed there to take that objective, for their combat ability was lacking without boosts.

Objective four was in the heart of the aelven deployment zone, so should have been an easy one for the chaos side to achieve as they would push forward.

The aelves generated “Win the game”, “Hold objective #2, but this is worth D3 build points”, and the General must survive.

Build points are a crucial part of Azyr Empires, as they help you progress your heroes and your territories even if you do not win the game.  (winning the game helps you obtain new territory which gives you campaign points, and is how you win the campaign)

As noted above, the reavers were put on the eastern part of the deployment as they would likely not see combat in this game, and that was fine because without buffers in the force they would not work very well… however as an objective taker they were perfect.

The left flank would be dominated by the wrath mongers and the khorgorath, who would be aiming right for one of the tokens that could be the fallen chaos lord.

Tor-Caedis and his Blood Warriors would march up the middle.

The trick would be to not get tied up by the white lions and stay mobile and react to wherever the general’s body was.

The aelf force was composed of elites and had a very low model count, so the numbers advantage was definitely in chaos’ favor… but this type of scenario does not care for how much you kill – its easy to get out of position and not make it to the fallen body objective in time if not careful!


The Bloodbound quickly took the center of the table while the reavers rushed to take the tertiary objective.  Over on the west, the phoenix as predicted moved to intercept the korgorath, which let the wrath mongers try to identify the token and see if it was the chaos lord.


Sure enough it was!  This was both a good thing (because we found out where the body was right away) but a bad thing (2/3 of my army was way out of position).  Fortunately with the game being early, and the aelves having no missile weapons, I would have time to correct my course!

The next few turns were given to the white lions and their princess charging the blood warriors on the altar to try to hold them up.  White Lions can be quite deadly, and a bad battleshock phase could see the Blood Warriors rushed off of the altar and off the table in no time.

Their axes swinging, they brought down three entire blood warriors (that’s six wounds) but managed to also lose half of their number in return.

The princess and chaos chieftain mixed it up in the center of the table, and with time running low, the Blood Warriors disengaged with a retreat action to move toward the body.

The phoenix put a hurting on the khorgorath, killing the creature before succumbing to the wrathmongers.


With the princess and the chaos chieftain battling atop the skull altar, the end of turn 5 came.  If the dice roll to see if turn 6 failed, the aelves would win this one.

It was not to be however.  With a mighty “6” showing up on the dice to continue, the blood warriors were able to reach the body of their chaos lord and give enough points for khorne to win this day.


Both general’s still survived, so the aelf player received a build point for achieving that objective.

The white lion unit did indeed die, giving the khorne player +2 build points, and the reavers contributed with another build point for holding objective 6.

With the body of their fallen lord recovered, Tor expanded his empire by bringing in an Azyr Mountainous territory, with which a settlement was built and unlocked a hero slot.

Still in the middle of the pack, an initial win is something that can be built on, and thus the champion Tor’s first battle ended…

The many strategies of Azyr Empire are … do you go for the win or do you go for build points if you have to choose between both?

With the new settlement built on the mountain territory, I gain a hero slot which will be used to bring in a bloodsecrator and boost my reavers with him (not only do all khorne units gain a melee attack if he plants his standard, but reavers get an additional attack from just being near a totem)

Now the question is… do I push for summoning some demons?  How will I build on my empire next?

It appears some duardin are to be challenged next…

  1. Great battle report and interesting rules your using for your campaign

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