The Dig – A Shadow War Armageddon Campaign

Posted: July 5, 2017 in 40k


Deep within the Achaedes Cluster, there spins an ancient star known as the Prime.  The Prime was once one of the centers of galactic commerce and culture, before mankind had even learned to tame fire.

Civilizations now long dead had gathered to share monuments and trade.

That all came to an end when the Bringer of the End devoured the golden planets of the Prime, leaving behind dead worlds in its wake as it left the system.

The vast majority of civilization had been completely erased from any of the worlds in the system.  One world survived the onslaught relatively unscathed.  Imperial records have labeled it Red.GP10291-IV, though reavers and privateers simply call it Prime 4.  Prime 4 had only been colonized and inhabited for a scant few hundred years when the Bringer of the End had passed through the system.

As such, its life-force did not register with the Star-God, and it was left untouched.   The relics of this ancient civilization and center of galactic trade have largely been destroyed, but Prime 4 has been found to contain a rare glimpse into the life of the people that once lived in this system.

These relics have become hot commodities and have attracted the attention of many ship captains looking to make a profit.  The relics also shape together a glimpse at the cause of the end of days of the Achaedes Cluster, and potentially a warning of what could soon be returning to Imperial held worlds…


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