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Deep within the Achaedes Cluster, there spins an ancient star known as the Prime.  The Prime was once one of the centers of galactic commerce and culture, before mankind had even learned to tame fire.

Civilizations now long dead had gathered to share monuments and trade.

That all came to an end when the Bringer of the End devoured the golden planets of the Prime, leaving behind dead worlds in its wake as it left the system.

The vast majority of civilization had been completely erased from any of the worlds in the system.  One world survived the onslaught relatively unscathed.  Imperial records have labeled it Red.GP10291-IV, though reavers and privateers simply call it Prime 4.  Prime 4 had only been colonized and inhabited for a scant few hundred years when the Bringer of the End had passed through the system.

As such, its life-force did not register with the Star-God, and it was left untouched.   The relics of this ancient civilization and center of galactic trade have largely been destroyed, but Prime 4 has been found to contain a rare glimpse into the life of the people that once lived in this system.

These relics have become hot commodities and have attracted the attention of many ship captains looking to make a profit.  The relics also shape together a glimpse at the cause of the end of days of the Achaedes Cluster, and potentially a warning of what could soon be returning to Imperial held worlds…


Badab Campaign Turn 3 Cycle 2

Posted: March 8, 2015 in 40k, Badab War


Past Results

Larsa – secessionists take Larsa with a victory
Sacristan – two ruin victories over no imperial victories keep Sacristan in the hands of the Ruin
Rook – neutral victory denies the imperials
Magog – Ruin victory puts them one step closer to owning the demon world
Dark Angels Quest chain – Dark Angels failed to gather intel
BFG Svngraad – secessionists claim victory and the imperial fleet flees to Galen
BFG Belefron’s Fall – Ruin wins via a roll off

Current Orders

Imperials – Army B continues the Sacristan war
Ruin – Fleet IV moves to Sacristan
Secessionists – Fleet III and element F move to Optera

Imperials – Fleet II goes on patrol and engages the ork fleet IV at Sacristan
Ruin – Fleet III moves to Sacristan but is destroyed in warp storms

Turn3Cycle2Secessionists – element “C” moves to Optera

Imperials – Fleet IV supports Fleet II at sacristan
Ruin – element “A” at Magog does battle to claim the world
Secessionists – Fleet IV begins planetary insertion on Svngraad

Imperials – Element “E” on Piety continues its quest chain
Ruin – Element E on Sacristan fights loyalist element “B”
Secessionists – Fleet V patrols Archae

imperials – Fleet V at Galen moves to Grief
Ruin – Fleet II moves to Svngraad but loses 500 points
Secessionists – I patrols svngraad and engages ork fleet II moving in

Imperials – “F” at rook withdraws with fleet I to Bloody Bones
Ruin – Fleet V Repairs at B. Fall
Secessionists – Fleet IV patrols Angstrom

Imperials – III patrols Tranquility
Ruin – “F” moves to Calah
Secessionists – II supports planetary insertion at Svngraad

Current Cycle Battles

40k – Sacristan – imperials vs ruin (2000 pts imperial with special character vs 2000 pts ruin with lord of war and spec character)

40k – Magog – ruin vs neutrals (preferably demonic forces) – 2000 pts ruin with lord of war and special character vs 2000 pts neutral with lord of war

40k – Piety – APOCALYPSE – imperials (no lord of war) vs the restless dead of piety (with tzeentch lord of change gargantuan – city table)

BFG – Sacristan – 2000 pts of ruin vs 1750 pts of imperials

BFG – Svngraad – 2250 pts of secessionists vs 2000 pts garrison fleet.  Svngraad has no planetary bonuses this turn due to no food reaching it in resource phase.

BFG – Svngraad – 2000 pts secessionists vs 1500 pts of ruin

Badab Campaign Turn 2 Cycle 3

Posted: February 16, 2015 in 40k, Badab War


Previous Turn Results

The Battle for Gygnax – Ruin wins 1-0 and opens a portal to Magog
The Battle for Piety – apoc battle – the demon on piety is victorious, slamming the imperial element from “D” to “B” class
The Battle for Angstrom – three imperial victories drop the garrison to a “B” and the defense score to a 1
The Battle for Sacristan – the front lines cave in for the imperials, with the ruinous forces destroying Imperial Element “E”

BFG Angstrom planetary insertion went to the secessionists who successfully inserted ground forces on Angstrom
BFG Sacristan – Ruin forces successfully drive back the imperial fleet to Tranquility
BFG Larsa – Secessionist forces successfully insert forces onto Larsa


Current Turn Orders

Imperial forces discovered the frontier world of Rook was overtaken by demonic forces.  The loyal citizens are now twisted demons.  Rook’s fleet and ground forces will always attack.

Ruin forces discovered the demonic world of Magog.  It too will always attack.  Ruin had a chance to sway the forces of Magog to their side since they were using a demonic gate to gain egress, but this was failed and thus the forces on Magog will square off against the Ruin forces.

Turn 1
Secessionists – Army “D” attacks on Angstrom
Imperials – Fleet II moves from Grief to Sacristan
Ruin – Fleet IV goes on patrol and engages Fleet II coming in on sacristan

Turn 2
Secessionists – Army “A” moves from Angstrom to Corcrya, but loses 500 points to the warp
Imperials – Fleet III moves from Grief to Sacristan but loses 500 points to the warp
Ruin – Fleet V patrols and engages imperial fleet III

Turn 3
Secessionists – Army “C” attacks Larsa’s Garrison
Imperials – Fleet IV moves o Sacristan from Tranquility
Ruin – Fleet III Supports fleet IV

Turn 4
Secessionists – Fleet II repairs at Badab
Imperials – Army “A” withdraws which means Secessionists will fight Angstrom Garrison
Ruin – Fleet I moves from Phargos to Magog

Turn 5
Secessionists – Fleet I patrols and blockades Svngraad
Imperials – Army “D” transits from Piety to Tranquility
Ruin – “F” takes the portal to Magog


Current Cycle Battles

BFG 16 – Rook Garrison fleet 2000 pts with battleship vs Imperial fleet 2000 pts with battleship
BFG 17 – Sacristan Ruin fleet IV with support from Fleet III 1750 points vs Imperial Fleet II 2000 pts
BFG 18 – Sacristan Ruin fleet V 2000 pts with battleship vs Imperial Fleet III 1000 pts

40k 18 – 2000 pts of Daemonic horde on Magog with lord of war vs 2000 pts of Ruin (holds Death Leper character)
40k 19 – Seccessionists 2000 pts with Cypher, Pask, Fabius Bile, Fateweaver vs 1000 pts of garrison with 100 pts of fortifications.  Garrison must slay 1000 pts of Secessionists to win.
40k 20 – Angstrom garrison 1000 pts with 400 pts of garrison engages 2000 pts of secessionists with Huron, Abbadon, Explorator Ikarus, Kharn and a lord of war.  Garrison must slay 1000 pts of secessionists to win.

Note for battles 19 & 20 – the defender always goes first


Badab Campaign Turn 1 Cycle 4

Posted: January 25, 2015 in 40k, Badab War


Previous Cycle Results

40k1 – Battle on Sacristan (ruin invades) – 2 games played (1-1 draw)
40k2 – Battle on Crows World (secessionist invade) – 5 games played (3-2 secessionist)
40k3 – Battle on Angstrom (imperials invade) – 2 games played (1-1 draw)
Gygnax2 – Killteam on Gygnax 2 – 1 game played (1-0 ruin)
BFG7 – Ruin fleet attacks Sacristan garrison fleet – 1 game played (1-0 ruin)

Current Cycle Orders

Turn 1
Ruin – Fleet III attacks imperial Grief fleet in docks (BFG 8)
Secessionist – Fleet IV unloads army and heads to Angstrom
Imperials – Fleet II – move from Svngraad to Grief but loses 1000 points to the warp

Turn 2
Ruin – engage Sacristan Battle round 2 (40K4)
Secessionist – engage Crow’s World fight.  World down to 1 defense point.  (40k5)
Imperials – Army C deploys on Galen

Turn 3
Ruin – Army “D” transits to Sacristan
Secessionists – hold
Imperials – Fleet III moves from Galen to Svngraad

Turn 4
Ruin – Fleet I picks up army B and moves to the Eridayn Catarayct
Secessionists – hold
Imperials – Army D engages Tranquility Apoc battle (40k6)

Turn 5
Ruin – Army “F” engages Gygnax 3 Apoc battle (40k7)
Secessionists – hold
Imperials – Army E supports Element D on tranquility

Turn 6
Ruin – Army “A” engages Phargos 2 Quest Chain
Secessionists – hold
Imperials – Army A engages Angstrom garrison in Apoc game (40k8)

Turn 7
Ruin – Fleet 2 jumps to Archae
Secessionists – Fleet 2 jumps to Archae to meet Ruin fleet
Imperials – Fleet I attacks Secessionist Fleet IV in ANgstrom space (BFG9)


Current Battles this Cycle
this cycle uses a special scenario which is used in all 40k games regardless of apoc or normal.


Forces – as normal with the exception that the Loyalist side MUST take 3 independent character HQ models.  (if neither side is loyalist, randomly determine which side must do this).  The other side may swap heavy support choices out for additional fast attack choices if they wish on a one for one basis.

The game has three objectives.  For each loyalist HQ model alive on the table at the end of the game, the loyalist player counts that as having scored an objective.  For every model killed or left the table, the other player counts that as having scored an objective.

2) kill points.  The player that scores the most kill points in this mission scores another objective.

The side that has scored the most objectives wins the game.

FIRST TURN AND SETUP – per normal 40k rules, with seize the initiative etc.

Twilight Assault – beginning of game on a 4+ the whole game is played with night fight rules.

Game Length – Random (per 40k rules)

This battle counts for *5* standings points instead of the normal 3

Battle List

BFG8 – 2000 pts of Ruin attacks 1500 pts Imperials while berthed in Grief docks.  Fleet engagement, use planetary defenses on Grief if applicable.

BFG9 – 2000 pts of Imperials with battleship attacks 1000 pts of Secessionists with battleship in a RAID scenario in Angstrom space.

40k4 – 2000 pts ruin vs 1500 pts Sacristan garrison (+100 fortifications).  If ruin wins they claim Sacristan

40k5 – 2000 pts Secessionists vs 1500 pts Crows World garrison (+250 pts fortifications).  If secessionists win they claim Crows World

40k6 – APOCALYPSE BATTLE – Imperials get +250 pts from support.  Imperials have no LORD OF WAR.  Tranquility is a JUNGLE WORLD and should have a lord of war scale greater demon present if available.  Tranquility forces do have LORD OF WAR option.  Terrain should reflect a jungle world and some areas of the table should be dangerous terrain.  Winning this quest chain will give the imperials an additional 5 resource points from this world and the world will be worth 2 victory points instead of 1.

40k7 – APOCALYPSE BATTLE – Forces of Ruin have a Lord of War.  Gygnax forces also have a Lord of War.  Winning this quest chain will give the forces of Ruin a re-roll when traversing red warp lanes.

40k8 – APOCALYPSE BATTLE – imperial forces get a lord of war.  Angstrom garrison has lord of war.  Angstrom garrison has +400 points of fortifications.

PHARGOS2 – Ruin Killteam 300 pts vs neutral phargos2 forces.


Badab Campaign Turn 1 – Cycle 3

Posted: January 19, 2015 in 40k, Badab War


Turn 1 Cycle 2 Results

Gygnax quest chain 1 – One game played (1-0 ruin) – gygnax quest chain 2 unlocked
Tranquility2 quest chain – Two games played (2-0 imperials) – Tranquility quest chain 3 unlocked (apoc game)
Piety2 quest chain – Four games played (4-0 imperials) – Piety quest chain 3 unlocked (apoc city game)
Phargos Hex2 quest chain – Two games played (1-1 draw) – Phargos Hex stays at level 2 quest chain
Isin2 quest chain – one game played (1-0 secessionists) – Isin level 3 unlocked (apoc game)

BFG1 Sacristan Battle – Ruin defeats imperial fleet, imperial fleet retreats to Grief
BFG2 Three way Angstrom insertion mission – IMperials defeat garrison and secessionists.
BFG3 Eridayn Catrayct – Ruin attacking fleet defeated by garrison and retreats to Phargos Hex
BFG4 Crows World – Secessionist fleet succeeds in insertion battle
BFG5 Sacristan – imperial counter attack fleet loses to ruin fleet and withdraws to Grief
BFG6 Svngraad battle – imperial fleet defeats secessionist fleet.  Secessionists retreat to Decaballus

Turn 1 Cycle 3 Orders

Ruin -> Army Element E attacks Sacristan garrison (40k 1)
Secessionist -> Fleet IV retreats from Angstrom and arrives in Badab
Imperial -> Fleet IV – docks for repairs at Grief and repairs 500 points to bring it back to 1500 points

Action 2
Ruin -> Fleet III follows imperials to Grief and arrive in system
Secessionists -> Fleet I returns to Svngraad for another round of battle next turn
Imperials -> Fleet II with Army B travel to Svngraad

Action 3
Ruin -> Fleet IV attacks Sacristan’s wounded garrison (1000 pts) in BFG7 game
Secessionists -> Army C on Crows World attacks Garrison in 40k2 battle.  2000 pts secessionists vs 2000 points garrison with 250 points of fortifications
Imperials -> Army A attcks Angstrom’s garrison in 40k3 battle (2000 pts imperials with lord of war vs 2000 pts garrison with 400 points of fortifications and lord of war)

Action 4
Ruin -> Fleet I drops Army on Phargos
Secessionists -> Army B with no fleet moves to Hattusa
Imperials -> Army D on Piety moves to Tranquility

Action 5
Ruin -> Consolidate forces on Phargos Hex.  Army A contains all of the forces and Army B is what remains
Secessionists -> Fleet II travels to Hattusa but loses 500 points to the warp
Imperials -> Move fleet III from Svngraad to Galen, but lose 1000 points to the warp

Action 6
Ruin -> Army D with no fleet moves from Gygnax to Bellerphons Fall

Games for the Cycle

Gygnax 2 – 300 point kill team mission on Gygnax – roll mission randomly
BFG 7 – Ruin 1500 point fleet with battleship vs 1000 points imperial defenders
40k1 -Sacristan battle.  2000 pts of Ruin vs 1500 points imperial defenders with 100 points defenses (1600 pts)
40k2 – Crows World – 2000 pts of Secessionists vs 2000 points of Garrison with 250 points fortifications (2250 pts)
40k3 – Angstrom – 2000 pts of Loyalists with lord of war vs 2000 points Garrison with lord of war and 400 points fortifications (2400 pts)


The dead soldiers’ shots scattered across the pocked pavement, kicking up swirls of dust.  Their aim was terrible, but I suppose I should be thankful for that.  We all back into the shelter of a building, while in front of us you can see more and more of the things standing up from that cathedral.  

We opened fire then, from the safety of that building.  The area lit up in the blue glow of our shots, and the dead did not even react to being shot at.  Shots tore into their rotting bodies but did not serve to stop them at all.  Even plasma blasts from our plasma teams did little other than to immolate their limbs, but still they kept on coming.

Sergeant Greer had us conscripts lay down heavy fire on our flank while orders were run up to the Nor Cal regulars who were taking cover behind some vehicles and firing off snap shots as they could.  The dead not being able to shoot well was a blessing.

One of the rules of war is to never invite the forces of chance into your life, and of course by thinking about the blessing of facing an inferior enemy, chance had it that the dead were not our only enemies.

A man dressed in raggedy white robes pushed forward with the wall of dead flesh.  I saw him because his eyes were the only that reflected the light.  He said some words that I could not understand and then a green flame erupted from his mouth and washed over us.  We lost quite a few men that day, burnt to a crisp.

We opened fire, and whatever it was that he was was killed in short order, along with his dead friends.  The smell though, the smell was horrible.  Burnt flesh never leaves your memory.  Especially when that burnt flesh were friends of yours standing up mere moments previous.


What was left of the undead we killed pretty quickly.  It was the cathedral that had to fall.  That was where the dead were coming from.


There were about six of us standing once the rest of the dead were taken down, and I heard Greer screaming from inside the building.  Some of the corpses had made their way into the building and the sarge was fighting for his life.  Looking over at the cathedral, more of the creatures were being woken up by another of those maniacs in white robes.  Sarge was going to have to take care of himself, I thought, as we ran across the street and into a maintenance ditch which gave us some cover from the scatter shots that the dead were bringing our way.


Some of the zombies tried to shambling into the ditch with us to stop us, but the guys were able to take care of them.  My concerns were with the guy bringing them back up.  That was my target.

I took aim with my rifle and let my shot go.  Blasted him right between the eyes.  He fell like a sack of wheat and what was left of the dead seemed to fall with him.

Just like that it was quiet again except for the whining engines of long distant Valkyries.  The darkness from the cathedral stared at us, however, with open doors.  With so many dead bodies piled around the building, I was pretty sure that we had found the answer to what was going on on this world.

Sergeant Greer came out of the building covered in gore.  I was glad to see that he had been able to handle the walking dead and hoped that he would forgive us for abandoning him to secure the objective.

He agreed with us.  We had to go inside of that cathedral and find out just what in the fug was going on here…

~Trooper James Reed
NorCal 4th Infantry

Badab Campaign Turn 1 – Cycle 2

Posted: January 11, 2015 in 40k, Badab War


Turn 1 Cycle 1 Results

Piety Mission result – 7 games played (5-2 imperials win)
Tranquility Mission result – 3 games played (2-1 imperials win)
Isin Mission result – 3 games played (2-1 secessionist win)
Gygnax Mission result – 3 games played (1-2 ruin loses)
Phargos Mission result – 3 games played (2-1 ruin wins)

19 games played total.  Attacker wins 12 games of 19

Turn 1 Cycle 2 Orders

Initiative – Ruin (8), Imperials (7), Secessionists (4)

Action 1
Ruin – fleet IV inserts troops into Sacristan and engages with fleet garrison (BFG game 1).
Imperials – fleet II – insert troops into Angstrom (BFG Game 2)
Secessionists – Fleet IV inserts troops into Angstrom (BFG Game 2)

Action 2
Ruin – Fleet 1 attacks Eridayn Catrayct and engaged with neutral fleet (BFG Game 3)
Imperials – Fleet I – insert troops into Angstrom (BFG Game 2)
Secessionists – Fleet III inserts troops onto Crow’s World (BFG Game 4)

Action 3
Ruin – Army D travels to Gygnax with no fleet (succeeds)
Imperials – Army D continues Piety quest chain (Piety Chain 2)
Secessionists – Army B continues Isin Quest Chain (Chain 2)

Action 4
Ruin – Fleet III travels to Sacristan
Imperials – Fleet IV on Sacristan counter attacks Ork Fleet III arriving (BFG Game 5)
Secessionists – Fleet I attacks Imperial Fleet on Svngraad (BFG Game 6)

Action 5
Ruin – Element B continues quest chain on Phargos (Phargos 2)
Imperials – Army E continues quest chain on Tranquility (Tranquility 2)
Secessionists – Fleet II travels to Badab

Action 6
Ruin – Element F on gygnax tries quest chain 1 again

Games for the Cycle

Piety Mission 2
Tranquility Mission 2
Isin Mission 2
Gygnax Mission 1
Phargos Mission 2

For all BFG missions – identify planetary defenses and add those to what is given below based on the planetary conquest document.

Unless fighting a PLANETARY ASSAULT (battle 1 and 2 and 4) randomly generate an escalating engagement (1-2) or fleet engagement (3-6)

BFG Game 1 on Sacristan – ruin fleet 1500 points with battle ship vs Imperial fleet 1500 points playing PLANETARY ASSAULT.

BFG Game 2 on Angstrom – three way battle between secessionist insertion forces, loyalist insertion forces, and Angstrom’s neutral defense network.  Imperials have 2250 points with battleship.  Secessionists have 1500 points with battleship.  Angstrom fields 2000 points with defense network / platform (refer to planetary conquest packet).  Mission is a three-way PLANETARY ASSAULT (refer to bfg scenarios in bfg rulebook).  Key in reporting these battles is how many ground forces actually make it to the planet.  Each assault point is worth 250 points of 40k.

BFG Game 3 – Ruin fleet 1500 points vs neutral fleet 1500 points

BFG Game 4 on Crow’s World – Secessionist fleet 2000 points vs Neutral Fleet 2000 points fighting PLANETARY ASSAULT

BFG Game 5 on Sacristan System – imperial counter attack fleet 1500 points vs Ruin fleet 2000 points

BFG Game 6 on Svngraad – Secessionist attackers 2000 points with battleship vs 2000 points of imperials with battleship

Battle Fleet Gothic games not played out will be rolled for on Sunday.