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“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Those words have been uttered by many people over the years.  It was most famously spoken by President Abraham Lincoln, who delivered the speech on June 16th, 1858.  Fast forward a little over one hundred and fifty years, and while the setting is different, and we aren’t fighting over the right to own slaves, we are fighting amongst ourselves over petty squabbles that leave the real issues (another form of slavery) untouched.

Today we live in a world where we let the rich overlords get richer at our expense.  Instead of being outraged by it, we instead turn our attention on what really matters.  You know, the important things, like preventing two men from marrying each other because we find that it violates our own personal tastes.  Instead of worrying about putting people into public office that can effectively lead, keep a balanced budget, and govern appropriately, we are more worried about what the other guy who was in office did, or how the current guy is really a muslim antichrist whose real agenda is propagating Satan’s missive and bringing about the end of the world.

Instead of focusing on our poor educational standards that we let slip through, we do battle on more important matters… such as pushing a religious agenda into office.  It is of the utmost importance that Freedom of Religion be adhered to, so long as that religion is mine.

Instead of finding a way to unshackle ourselves from the slavery of the oil barons, we look to do battle with ourselves and wage war against muslims… because they aren’t white and they don’t worship western white Jesus. This is nothing new.  Racism has always run deep in this country, we are afraid of anything that doesn’t share our skin color and flavor of Christian Church.

About one thousand years ago, the people who worshipped western white Jesus rode into the Middle East to pwn the evil brown muslim people.  History books say that didn’t work out so well.  I guess western white Jesus was out to dinner with Muhammad that day and wasn’t paying attention to his followers murdering people in His name.  Either that or the fact that his followers were committing rape, murder, and theft in His name left him with a sick feeling in his stomach.

Instead of innovating, we are destroying.  It is more important that we get “what we deserve” and “what’s coming to us” then it is to reestablish the groundwork and foundations of a successful nation.  It is more important that our political party be the one true daddy and that we make the “other guy” look like shit, that we go to great lengths to cock-block legislature and then point fingers trying to show how ineffective the other guy is.  You would think that smart rational people would notice that legislature is being cock-blocked, but no… asking for smart and rational people is asking for too much.

The two-party system is fail.  Fail on an epic and monumental scale.  Much like Rome, once the greatest empire on the earth, fell flat on its face and sank amidst its own squabbling stupidity, so too will the once mighty USA come crashing in on itself, for the divided house cannot stand.

While we focus on things that don’t matter like the worship of money and status and beauty and owning THINGS, we will continue our rotting stagnation.  I don’t say “we will start to rot and stagnate” because I think our society has been rotting since the 60s.  We are a near-corpse on a ventilator.  Our heart has long been torn out.  We are so easily distracted by shiny baubles and trinkets while the true criminals pilfer our savings and retirements, buy their gold-plated shark tanks, and laugh at the suckers who pay all the taxes (that would be you and me folks)

The two-party system fails us because it divides us.  It pits us against them.  If you aren’t with us, you are the enemy.  You are inferior.  You are a slave-race.  Republican vs Democrat.  The most idiotic contest ever contrived was the invention of political parties.

The nation needs both ideals.  Social programs I feel are indeed needed.  Taking care of your people is important.  Only the most heartless, cold, and un-human could seriously in my opinion shit all over those who need help.

Social programs also need some constraint.  We are not in a place to be spending money like water.  There are real issues that need addressed.  Our debt has been talked about since I was a small child in the 80s.  That’s the thing.  We talk.  We do love to talk.  But when it comes to doing something about it… that would be inconvenient.   I mean… who wants to really have taxes raised?  I can’t very well buy things that I don’t really need if my money is going to taxes!  In times of economic strife, some social programs do need to go away for a while.

Unfortunately with the way our economic situation is… we need money.  And to obtain money we need to raise some taxes.  The thing is…everyone needs to pay taxes.  Not just 55% of the population.  That’s a real issue, much more important than if Bob and Bill are fucking each other in the ass and want to get married, or if Jane is a terrorist because she practices a faith that is not a flavor of White European Jesus.

Our reliance on oil when we used to be a country of innovators and inverters seems to me to be much much more important than whether or not Obama is receiving secret messages from Lucifer or how we need to see his birth certificate.  There is really no reason why we cannot create and use a system of energy that is not oil-based.  In fact, I believe such systems were created… but are being held back by the rich oil barons who profit too much off of our reliance.

I think that a real problem is that we have troops all over the world that don’t need to be out all over the world.  We aren’t spreading democracy.  I think that everyone can pretty much figure out that we only visit the countries that have a lot of oil with our military resources…

I think that a real problem is that our companies claim to not be able to compete by hiring domestic workers, and instead need chinese sweat shop labour to exist.

I think that a real problem is our lack of education.

I think that a real problem is public officials making six-figure salaries who have no grounding in reality or have any touch with any real person in the country.

I think that a real problem is that those same public officials were going to continue to receive a paycheck while other people would be out of money and unable to support their families, when it was the same public officials who were cock-blocking each other in the first place over petty political party bullshit.

I think that a real problem is that the people of this country let it continue, and actively encourage it by continuing to vote the same people into office every election.

I think that the collapse of America, much like the collapse of Rome, is not a matter of IF but WHEN, and that WHEN seems to be getting closer every day.

Where will you be when the house divided finally falls onto itself?