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I hope to one day look back on this post and let out a nice big fat happy sigh.  Shining Hope is the name I’ve given to a project that I’ve recently thought about doing and I am terribly excited about.

As I’ve been learning sprite programming in XNA, I think back to some classic arcade games like Golden Axe or D&D Shadows over Mystara and I think of some newer sprite based games like Magicka and I think to myself:  how cool would it be to make my own arcade game?

I know that I will never produce anything that is landmarkedly huge or beautiful or innovative as a game programmer.  Nowadays you really need a large scale production company, artists, sound tracks, the whole nine.

But what if…

Shining Hope came about from the name of my D&D group’s company:  The Guardians of Shining Hope.  I plan on making a game that borrows from the style of Golden Axe and D&D Shadows over Mystara based fully on drawings turned into sprites that tells the tale of my group’s exploits over the past year, from level 1 to level 30.

That means there will be 30 boards to this game, all hand drawn.

Shining Hope is not a game that will take itself very seriously.  In fact, it will be steeped in gamer humour and be the equivalent of an “M” rated game due to excessive violence (gotta have fatalities), language (the dwarf threatening to rape the warlord in the mouth with his necromancer bone staff), and adult themes.  There will be a ton of easter eggs and hidden items to find.  The soundtrack will mostly be heavy metal.  I’m hoping to get my band involved.

The gameplay will be designed around the xbox 360 controller.  How it looks right now is:

Left stick moves you
D Pad – cycles through items in inventory
A – jump
B – action button
X – high attack
Y – low attack
Right Trigger – Block
Left Trigger – triggers ranged attacks
Right Bumper – triggers power attacks
Left Bumper – grapples

The game will have several playable characters, with alternate costuming (I’m thinking good, neutral, and evil).  The game will be voiced hopefully by my players and myself with some others as I need.

Chests will be around to pick up money, items, etc.  Locked chests will require a series of buttons to be pressed (ala Simon) or else a trap will go off (in your face).

Characters right now:

Sardis the Warlord – fire elemental – hybridized fighter.  Mixture of tank/healer with his primary build and healer/melee damage dealer in his alternate build with Saturnalia (the great war maul)

Chris the Templar – human knight – primary build tank with minor healing, secondary build tank/melee damage dealer.  (sword and board or great sword)

Nefzen the Runesmith of Death – dwarfen priest – primary build healer (with axe and shield) and tank, secondary build ranged damage with some healing (with necromancer bone staff)

Idria the Shaman – female – primary build healing, secondary build ranged controller  (magic or bow)

Shan-Ti – female monk – primary build melee striker with strong ties to Mortal Kombat, secondary build melee controller doing area damage

Maddie the Gnome Warlock – female – primary build ranged arcane damage dealer, secondary build healing and control

Soroko – female ranger – primary build twin blade melee striker, secondary build ranged bow ranged striker

Kurt-The-Maimed – orc male – primary build melee striker, secondary build melee control

Breaking all of this out we have:

Tanks:  Chris (primary), Sardis (secondary), Nefzen (primary)
Melee Damage: Shan-Ti (primary), Soroko (primary), Kurt(primary), Sardis (secondary)
Ranged Damage:  Maddie (primary), Soroko (secondary), Nefzen (secondary)
Controllers:  Shan-Ti (secondary), Maddie (secondary), Kurt (secondary)
Healers:  Sardis (primary), Nefzen (primary), Idria (primary), Maddie (secondary)

This could all change of course.  We shall see how it rolls…