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Badab Campaign Turn 3 Cycle 2

Posted: March 8, 2015 in 40k, Badab War


Past Results

Larsa – secessionists take Larsa with a victory
Sacristan – two ruin victories over no imperial victories keep Sacristan in the hands of the Ruin
Rook – neutral victory denies the imperials
Magog – Ruin victory puts them one step closer to owning the demon world
Dark Angels Quest chain – Dark Angels failed to gather intel
BFG Svngraad – secessionists claim victory and the imperial fleet flees to Galen
BFG Belefron’s Fall – Ruin wins via a roll off

Current Orders

Imperials – Army B continues the Sacristan war
Ruin – Fleet IV moves to Sacristan
Secessionists – Fleet III and element F move to Optera

Imperials – Fleet II goes on patrol and engages the ork fleet IV at Sacristan
Ruin – Fleet III moves to Sacristan but is destroyed in warp storms

Turn3Cycle2Secessionists – element “C” moves to Optera

Imperials – Fleet IV supports Fleet II at sacristan
Ruin – element “A” at Magog does battle to claim the world
Secessionists – Fleet IV begins planetary insertion on Svngraad

Imperials – Element “E” on Piety continues its quest chain
Ruin – Element E on Sacristan fights loyalist element “B”
Secessionists – Fleet V patrols Archae

imperials – Fleet V at Galen moves to Grief
Ruin – Fleet II moves to Svngraad but loses 500 points
Secessionists – I patrols svngraad and engages ork fleet II moving in

Imperials – “F” at rook withdraws with fleet I to Bloody Bones
Ruin – Fleet V Repairs at B. Fall
Secessionists – Fleet IV patrols Angstrom

Imperials – III patrols Tranquility
Ruin – “F” moves to Calah
Secessionists – II supports planetary insertion at Svngraad

Current Cycle Battles

40k – Sacristan – imperials vs ruin (2000 pts imperial with special character vs 2000 pts ruin with lord of war and spec character)

40k – Magog – ruin vs neutrals (preferably demonic forces) – 2000 pts ruin with lord of war and special character vs 2000 pts neutral with lord of war

40k – Piety – APOCALYPSE – imperials (no lord of war) vs the restless dead of piety (with tzeentch lord of change gargantuan – city table)

BFG – Sacristan – 2000 pts of ruin vs 1750 pts of imperials

BFG – Svngraad – 2250 pts of secessionists vs 2000 pts garrison fleet.  Svngraad has no planetary bonuses this turn due to no food reaching it in resource phase.

BFG – Svngraad – 2000 pts secessionists vs 1500 pts of ruin


Badab Campaign Turn 2 Cycle 3

Posted: February 16, 2015 in 40k, Badab War


Previous Turn Results

The Battle for Gygnax – Ruin wins 1-0 and opens a portal to Magog
The Battle for Piety – apoc battle – the demon on piety is victorious, slamming the imperial element from “D” to “B” class
The Battle for Angstrom – three imperial victories drop the garrison to a “B” and the defense score to a 1
The Battle for Sacristan – the front lines cave in for the imperials, with the ruinous forces destroying Imperial Element “E”

BFG Angstrom planetary insertion went to the secessionists who successfully inserted ground forces on Angstrom
BFG Sacristan – Ruin forces successfully drive back the imperial fleet to Tranquility
BFG Larsa – Secessionist forces successfully insert forces onto Larsa


Current Turn Orders

Imperial forces discovered the frontier world of Rook was overtaken by demonic forces.  The loyal citizens are now twisted demons.  Rook’s fleet and ground forces will always attack.

Ruin forces discovered the demonic world of Magog.  It too will always attack.  Ruin had a chance to sway the forces of Magog to their side since they were using a demonic gate to gain egress, but this was failed and thus the forces on Magog will square off against the Ruin forces.

Turn 1
Secessionists – Army “D” attacks on Angstrom
Imperials – Fleet II moves from Grief to Sacristan
Ruin – Fleet IV goes on patrol and engages Fleet II coming in on sacristan

Turn 2
Secessionists – Army “A” moves from Angstrom to Corcrya, but loses 500 points to the warp
Imperials – Fleet III moves from Grief to Sacristan but loses 500 points to the warp
Ruin – Fleet V patrols and engages imperial fleet III

Turn 3
Secessionists – Army “C” attacks Larsa’s Garrison
Imperials – Fleet IV moves o Sacristan from Tranquility
Ruin – Fleet III Supports fleet IV

Turn 4
Secessionists – Fleet II repairs at Badab
Imperials – Army “A” withdraws which means Secessionists will fight Angstrom Garrison
Ruin – Fleet I moves from Phargos to Magog

Turn 5
Secessionists – Fleet I patrols and blockades Svngraad
Imperials – Army “D” transits from Piety to Tranquility
Ruin – “F” takes the portal to Magog


Current Cycle Battles

BFG 16 – Rook Garrison fleet 2000 pts with battleship vs Imperial fleet 2000 pts with battleship
BFG 17 – Sacristan Ruin fleet IV with support from Fleet III 1750 points vs Imperial Fleet II 2000 pts
BFG 18 – Sacristan Ruin fleet V 2000 pts with battleship vs Imperial Fleet III 1000 pts

40k 18 – 2000 pts of Daemonic horde on Magog with lord of war vs 2000 pts of Ruin (holds Death Leper character)
40k 19 – Seccessionists 2000 pts with Cypher, Pask, Fabius Bile, Fateweaver vs 1000 pts of garrison with 100 pts of fortifications.  Garrison must slay 1000 pts of Secessionists to win.
40k 20 – Angstrom garrison 1000 pts with 400 pts of garrison engages 2000 pts of secessionists with Huron, Abbadon, Explorator Ikarus, Kharn and a lord of war.  Garrison must slay 1000 pts of secessionists to win.

Note for battles 19 & 20 – the defender always goes first



In the early days of the Badab War, as Lord Huron awaited the answer from the Imperium regarding his Articles of Secession, the heart and soul of the entire sector was torn between loyalties.  A key world in the sector was Angstrom, a forge world of not inconsiderable power and influence.

Shortly after Huron’s articles were made public, the Mechanicum leaders on Angstrom conveyed within their great and monumental Hall of the Ommnisiah.  The tower gleamed with the fires of one hundred great forges and could be seen from orbit, overshadowing any structure near it on the planet.

Faction leaders from across the globe met to discuss the articles and what that meant to the security of their vaults and works.  None could reach any form of agreement, though long did they bicker and cajole into the nighttime hours and morning again.

Angstrom harbored its own secrets.  Secrets that many felt Huron would turn an eye away from if he became ruler and had to answer to no one but his own council.  Xenos technology improved upon that would enhance the Imperium’s own armies had they not been so short sighted as to denounce it and destroy it for being impure.

While these secrets were known by many, there was still a strong backbone of faith in the Imperium and to the God-Emperor.  That backbone made its presence known at the council, denouncing Huron as a heretic and traitor and pledging their war engines toward the Loyalists and to their cause to stop the Tyrant of Badab at all costs possible.

Thus was the council torn and undeclared, and after several days and nights of deliberation there was war not only from the outside of the Angstrom system, but within it as well.  Knight houses lined up against each other, tanks moved to guard borders, and engines of war arrayed against the planet itself in a gesture of mutually assured destruction.

Angstrom itself was on the brink of its own civil war, for there was to be no reconciliation of philosophies.  The line between loyalist and traitor was blurry, for many held that Huron upheld the ideals of the Imperium and that the agents of the God-Emperor were corrupted and were themselves the traitors.  mechanicusThe War for Angstrom Begins

When the agents of the Imperium came into the system to demand Huron’s immediate disarmament and tribune for his alleged crimes committed against the Emperor, a short but potent battle occurred on the fringe of the Badab system between the Tyrant’s fleet and the Inquisition.  This battle was the charge that lit the powder keg.  Upon hearing word of the battle, there was not a soul on the Forge World that did not already know that a threshold had been crossed, and that there was now no turning back.

With loyalties divided and without any reconciliation, the first shells exploded across the munitions factories of Angstrom.  Thus the battle was joined by these gods of war striding atop massive battle-titans and wielding weapons capable of stripping an entire world bare of life.

While the war prepared to rage outside of the system, Angstrom began to claw and tear at itself with abandon…